What Are the Top Alternatives to Recruiting New Employees?

They include the high cost of employing new staff, or a need to hire people in order to complete a temporary project

There are many reasons why business owners may want to avoid going on a recruitment drive in 2020. They include the high cost of employing new staff, or a need to hire people in order to complete a temporary project. If you want to know what your alternatives to recruiting new employees are, here are some of the top solutions.

Outsourcing Your Projects

Outsourcing has gained popularity in recent years due to the fact that it can free up your employees’ time to focus on tasks that only your team has been trained to perform. Not only this, but outsourcing can allow you to find the best professionals for a particular project, people who will have the skills and expertise to complete these tasks to the highest standard. For instance, clickintelligence.co can help you to improve your marketing campaign through their blogging outreach service. This can enable companies to build up an assortment of backlinks to their website.

Advertising for Volunteers

If you still need extra hands but are concerned about the cost of employing more staff members, you should consider advertising for volunteers. Volunteers are usually the best option for non-profit organizations or companies which specialize in creative pursuits. For instance, many theatres and museums employ volunteers who are passionate about the arts in order to complement their full-time team on a flexible basis.

Hiring Freelancers or Self-Employed Contractors

Freelancers are the best option for companies that want to hire talent in order to complete a short term project on a one-off basis. It is easy to find freelancers who might be a good match with your company on websites such as Upwork and Freelancer. If you are uncertain whether freelancers are best for you, you could also consider hiring temporary employees through temp agencies. This will enable you to easily hire individuals to cover events such as maternity leave or to complete seasonal work.

Using Artificial Intelligence or Robotics

There have been predictions for years that robots could take many of the jobs that are currently advertised at recruitment agencies. This is, in some cases, true, but you can use this development to your advantage. There is a lot of technology and software available to businesses that can automate tasks through the use of artificial intelligence and robotics. This tech can help you to perform complex tasks in no time at all, without the need to employ a vast number of employees to complete these for you.

Training Your Current Employees

If you still want your company to have a human touch, you should consider investing in training up your employees instead. Not only will this prevent you from having to go on a lengthy and stressful recruitment drive, but this will ensure that you can make the most of the people who know your company best. In addition to this, your employees themselves will benefit greatly from your training schemes, allowing them to take on more duties and to increase their productivity.

The British Institute of Recruiters is the Professional Body operating The Recruitment Certification Scheme

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