Working from home? How these 4 houseplants can boost your productivity

There is more flexibility and freedom compared to an office setting

If you’ve worked from home or remotely, then you have had a taste of the numerous benefits it comes with. There is more flexibility and freedom compared to an office setting, not to mention possible savings and less stress when it comes to the daily commute.

You also get to customize your office the way you prefer, unlike working from the company’s offices where workstations are predesigned by the employer. Moreover, many companies offer remote work opportunities these days.

The slight downside: 

However, working from home doesn’t come without a fair share of demerits. For instance, it is easy to get bored, lack certain supplies, and even encounter various distractions. These and other challenges can have a significant impact on your productivity in the long term.

With this being said, can introducing plant life give you a productivity boost? Yes indeed! Let’s find out how below, plus a few houseplants you might want to bring into your office.

How houseplants impact productivity 

In a recent publication on the Mirror, Sarah Lumley speaks of how many people feel happier with houseplants around. Live greenery has been shown to positively affect mental health and can even help improve physical health. Apart from cleaning the air and allowing you to breathe better, plant life in your home office may:

  • Help reduce stress
  • Boost creativity
  • Help reduce noise levels/distractions

These are just some of the ways plants can make you more productive at your home workstation. This is also why they make great gifts as the folks from The Bouqs Co. may tell you. The best part is that you can even buy them online for yourself or a friend who works from home.

Best houseplants for productivity boost 

1. Snake Plant 

Also going by the name Sansevieria, the snake plant is one of the toughest houseplants you can find. They are also not as care-intensive as most other options, and you can even water it from your water bottle. Dwarf species like the Futura Superba are particularly great because they won’t grow too tall on your office desk or cabinet.

2. Aloe 

Aloe is another staple houseplant in many people’s homes, offices, and even commercial settings. The best thing about this succulent is that you will only need to water it once every few weeks. Their adorable shapes and patterns are quite captivating.

However, take note that they tend to do better when grown near plenty of bright light, perhaps on a window.

3. The English Ivy

English ivy is one of the best indoor plants for improving air quality and increasing humidity. It thrives well indoors, requiring minimal watering and care. However, it also tends to be a climber, so you’ll want to keep it under control at some point by wrapping the tendrils around items like a wire obelisk or trellis.

This gives you an elegant piece of art that will lift your morale every time you look at it. You could also go for smaller varieties such as the Pixie Dixie to minimize the maintenance requirements.

4. Oxalis 

This is what you probably know as the wood sorrels. Its ability to bloom makes it a great option when you need to add a pop of color to your office using a live plant. Variants like the ‘Zinfandel can be a great choice thanks to its beautiful burgundy leaves and yellow flowers when it blossoms. Oxalis also requires plenty of light to thrive well.

While working from home can be at times stressful, indoor plants introduce a peaceful ambiance in every space. Besides uplifting your décor, they can also give you a brain boost, elevating your productivity in the long run. Hopefully, you will find one that works for you and your home office from the list above.

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