Five great ways to find those elusive remote working opportunities

Here are five places to start your search

Every year more and more of us are introducing remote working into our lives, whether working from home full time or spending a day or two out of the office every month. Businesses and employees alike believe that the option to work away from the office once in a while creates more productive and happier workplaces, but where can you find these opportunities?


This is a newsletter spreadsheet created by an experienced remote worked named Rodolphe Dutel. Individuals can subscribe to stay up to date with over 200 remote working opportunities based all over the world, while businesses hoping to recruit motivated remote workers can contact Dutel to be included on the list. Check it out to see whether your dream job has made the list.


It is all in the name, with FlexJobs dedicating itself to helping professionals to find high-quality remote working opportunities and support them in their positions. Check out the list of the top 125 companies to work for remotely – you will be surprised how many large-scale organisations are on the list!


Men might want to skip this one, as PowerToFly focuses on helping women to find the perfect employment. It specialises in posting vacancies for industries that are typically male-dominated, paying particular attention to helping women back into work after raising children. Many women feel that they have to sacrifice their career to have children and that returning to work afterwards is difficult. Remote work is, after all, the perfect opportunity for women who have to balance their careers with childcare.

Remote OK

Startup magnate Pieter Levels launched Remote OK as part of an attempt to create 12 startups in 12 months. While the idea is pretty novel, the site is high quality and more of a powerhouse than the previous website and newsletters on our list. The website lists around 16,000 jobs at any one time and has a reach of around 150,000 – not bad for a site born out of a gamble. While Remote OK has sheer quantity on its side, it is generally tech-based; therefore, those in different industries may be better off trying something else.

Angel List

You may have come across Angel List as the social media hub for startups; however, you may not know that it is a great resource for searching out remote job opportunities. Naturally, the businesses are generally startups, which means the salary range can vary and you may be offered equity in exchange for a decent salary. If you are up for a challenge, you could find yourself working for what may turn out to be the next Snapchat or Pinterest!

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