What candidates look for from a new employer

Some candidates will only want to work somewhere that lines up with their ethics

In 2021, candidates have a range of options when it comes to employment. So, when looking for a job, or about to start a new job, there are a few things they look out for when searching.

For example, some candidates will only want to work somewhere that lines up with their ethics, and some will feel more incentivised if there are benefits to work towards.

Whereas some employees will just be happy to feel appreciated and work with employers to move up and up.

Room To Grow

For employees coming in, they will most likely be more intrigued to work at your business if they feel there is room to move up. Most people won’t want to be sat doing the same thing for their entire career, they would like to see themselves progress and make change.

So, if your business is one dimensional, with little room to evolve, it’s unlikely you’ll see as much highly talented people apply to positions.

Not only do potential employees want to see enough room for themselves to grow, but also, they want to see their potential company have room for growth. No employee wants to come into a business stuck in their ways, happy with where they are. They will want to see ambition.

It can be difficult to try and change what you’ve always done and evolve. But fortunately, there is government guidance on how you can achieve these goals.

To attract the best talent, ensure you talk about your companies aims and ambitions in some way in a job posting, mentioning how any employees coming in have room for promotions.

Benefits And Work Environment

The job market can be saturated with offerings, postings and the like, so employers have to be offering more than a job these days.

That’s why businesses offer a range of perks and benefits to attract people in. They could be simple perks such as longer paid breaks, or parking spaces. Or they could be even greater than that.

Some businesses offer company cars for employees, extra holiday days or even private health insurance and care.

A great innovative way in which some companies are offering their employees bonuses is to use an employee benefits platform, such as the one offered by Zest.

This platform allows for any benefit to be added and worked towards, included monetary bonuses and pay rises. The system is built for employee and employer synergy in mind. Employees are able to get a full insight into their reward options and choose what they would like to redeem.

These systems help keep employees at the business, as they will always be wanting to work towards something, and it helps show how valued they and their work is.

Business Culture And Reputation

In this modern world, gone are the days where employees will just work for whoever is hiring, they have more options than ever.

In fact, company culture is a key part of job satisfaction these days. If an employee is going to get along in their new job and work well, they have to feel ethically and morally comfortable.

The same can be said when it comes to a business’s reputation. If a business has been in the media for negative reasons, whether true or not, it will impact the clientele of applicants.

Culture within your business can be defined as the set of behavioural and procedural norms that can be easily identified within. It could include policies, values, attitudes and ethics.

If your business has been in the spotlight, consider changing your values or ethics, working with the local community to change your perception.

The British Institute of Recruiters is the Professional Body operating The Recruitment Certification Scheme

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