The Most Paid Professions in Casino and Gambling

Everybody is wondering how to find the right casino career to suit their dreams

Whether you’re unemployed, on the brink of a promotion, or thinking of changing careers, there’s a job in the casino profession waiting for you. With the wide variety of online casino games today, the gambling phenomenon has taken the market by storm. Everybody is wondering how to find the right casino career to suit their dreams.

Norway Gambling


In Norway, gambling is illegal. Due to this, there are no conventional casinos where Norwegians can go work. There are only two companies that the government grants gambling permission for Norwegians. 

These companies are both state-owned and donate a part of their proceeds to charities. The first of these two companies is Norsk Tipping, which monopolizes online games and scratch cards. The second state-owned gambling company is Norsk Rikstoto. 

The government permits them to organize betting for horse races and remain the only companies allowed to offer this service. Since all other types of gambling remain illegal in Norway, the government is working to stop companies in other countries from providing these services. 

On the upside, you can find loads of legal games to play at casinopå Although interested persons should look out for the following positions, the law currently stands if one follows the trends and statistics of online gambling.

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Most Paid Casino Professions

Operations Director

Responsible for the broadest range of activities in a casino, including supervising special events, staff, functions, and tending to fraud-related irregularities. The Director of Operations is also responsible for forming business strategies. 

This position is one of the highest in senior management. Besides requiring the typical 10 years of experience in a casino environment, some casinos need applicants to have a bachelor’s degree.

Internal Auditor

A 24/7 job, entailing the monitoring of data from all the casino’s operations. The internal auditor’s primary function is to check for and compile reports on fraud and compliance-related issues. 

Most casinos only need a bachelor’s degree in either finance or accounting when applying for this job. Other casinos also require applicants to have certification in either accounting or internal auditing. The casino will want proof of previous employment as well as character references.

Shift Manager

Shift managers are in charge of staff service delivery on the casino floor, casino policy monitoring, and guest relations. Becoming a shift manager usually entails at least 3 years of experience as a manager, and having a good background knowledge in operating a casino or business operations, in general, would be quite helpful.

Executive/head Chef

Requiring several years of experience to become the executive chef at a casino, applicants would have had to start as a cook and become a sous chef to get the relevant experience. 

Duties for this position include menu development for the entire casino, supervision of all kitchen activities, and directing the food preparation and ordering for larger special events. It would be helpful to also have a culinary degree before applying for this casino profession.

Security Manager

The security manager specializes in the security of the casino property. Their primary function is to ensure the casino patrons, property, and other employees’ safety. An associate’s degree in business or criminal justice is a requirement, although most casinos prefer a bachelor’s degree in either. 

Casinos may ask for other permits and certifications. This rule varies between cities and states. Applicants also need relevant security experience, which they can get through private security firms, the military, or law enforcement.

Creative Ways Norwegians Get Around Gambling Laws

  • Gambling getaways to nearby countries
  • Ferries from Oslo to Copenhagen and Kiel which have casinos onboard
  • Using digital wallets and foreign banking accounts
  • The Norwegian poker championship in Ireland

Related News

Norwegian financial institutions may not allow the use of credit or debit cards for gambling purposes worldwide. This law was to restrict the online gambling profession even further. 

Norwegian citizens must declare even tax winnings from gambling abroad. 


For Norwegian citizens, unless you work online from home through a foreign company. The only way you can work in the gambling and casino profession at this stage is to be an employee of either Norsk Tipping or Norsk Rikstoto.

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