Starting a new business with lottery winnings? How to recruit top employees!

For most people, this is a dream come true

So, you have recently come into some big money and you want to open your own business. This is a scenario Lottoland hears often. Lottoland is an offshore casino company that offers lottery games in more than 30 countries. Oftentimes when someone wins the lottery, they will comment that they are going to open their own business with their lottery winnings. For most people, this is a dream come true.

Hiring the right people

Once you have worked out what kind of business you want to own and you have taken care of the location and services or products that you want to provide, the next critical item on your agenda is hiring your staff. Make no mistake about it, this is one of the most important business decisions you can make. There is not one employee that doesn’t matter. Every single employee from the cleaning crew to the CEO affects those around them. If that effect is a negative one and it is allowed to go unchecked, it will cause your team to stop producing at their optimal level, and that will cost you money.

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You run your employees – Your employees run your company

Before you recruit your employees, think about who you are going to hire. Do you have it in your mind that you are going to call all the shots and your crew will run from your office to the clients and back to you with your required results? If you do, you may want to rethink your plan.

Employees carry out your plans

A business owner has a plan and a goal. He hires the best people he can find to carry out his mission. He needs people who share his determination to make it happen. Why would they be? 

They would find that determination if:

  • They believe in his dream or product as much as he does
  • They are compensated well, for helping it along
  • They see a future for themselves in the company, if they make it happen

Employees control a good portion of your money

If you hire a person of high moral fiber and you treat them well, they are going to watch out for your bottom line. They are going to continually watch for ways to reduce your cost and increase your profits. This is the person that will shave money off every job. They will invite clients to lunch rather than splurge on an expensive dinner on company funds. Watching your money as if it were theirs is how they help you pay their salary. They never cheat you of time.

Employees show your customers what they think of you

An employee that is treated well and cares about his company lets his clients know that his company is the best. He can sell others on you because it is not an act. He is sold on you. This employee is not selling your product, he is selling you.

For more information on what to look for when recruiting an employee, click here.

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How to recruit great talent

  • Look at older workers

This is an untapped resource that could open doors for a lot of businesses. If someone has 30 years of experience in the industry you are in, they have probably forgotten more than you know. There are usually 3 reasons that employers list for not looking at the 60-somethings.

They think they are not technical enough. People in their 60s have to use ATMs, cell phones, and computers to live. They may not do everything you can do, but the programs for a job are simple to use. They can learn. Second, employers think seniors are too slow. People today are taking care of themselves and live a long time.

They can keep up. Besides, their generation got up to change the TV channel, walked to the wall to answer the phone, wrote letters with a pen and paper, and paid bills with a check by snail-mail. They can get up from the chair. Finally, most companies think they cannot afford someone with that experience level.

Negotiate. Oftentimes a person of that age will be happy to work for less money if they can work from home, or work a 4-day week. They may be willing to manage and train younger employees, cutting down on physical labor, and will accept less pay.

  • Get creative with the perks

Generation X is coming out of college with the skills and training to take the world of industry to new heights. If you want great people, you have some competition. Your offices need places designed to draw employees. They need more freedom.

Some have coffee lounges where employees can take their state-of-the-art laptops, phone, and other equipment and work away from their desks. Some have video game rooms for before and after shifts and lunch breaks.  Many offer full cafeterias with low-cost hot meals.

  • Build your brand

Your company’s reputation in the business world is your brand. If you get a reputation for being a hard interview, you will lose the opportunity to interview some good people. The days of condescending interviewers trying to make a candidate feel lucky to have landed the chance to talk to them are over.

People have a right to be treated with respect and dignity. There are options for them, and being treated poorly before they are even hired is unacceptable. It stains your name and it tarnishes your brand. If you want top employees, you must be a top employer.

Take your time when you set out to fill your office. Make sure you get a good business family that fits well together. If you find an employee that seemed to be one person but proved to be someone else, deal with it quickly.

Show your employees appreciation for going the extra mile. If you do, they will continue to do so. That is how your business grows. Whatever you do, never forget to say thank you. Thank you is a word that is underused and very appreciated. It is a word that will continue to boost your growth time and time again.

The British Institute of Recruiters is the Professional Body operating The Recruitment Certification Scheme

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