The Top-5 highest paying casino jobs

A full-fledged casino can itself generate millions of money due to its alliance

Everybody knows about the economic strength of a casino. A million, a billion dollars is the scale on which the industry talks. What makes this industry unique is that it does not bank on common grounds like production, or retailing of goods. Rather it lives on the hospitality sector.

Every service that a casino provides is accompanied by a resource that controls and takes care of the services. For example, a small cafe that is associated with a casino may originally belong to the food sector but now since it is under a casino, it also becomes a part of the casino.

Even online casino sites like contribute to this revenue as they collaborate with live studios and live dealers for the conduction of live casino games. In this way, a full-fledged casino can itself generate millions of money due to its alliance with several other sectors.

This leads to external and internal high money flow and as a result, there are certain casino jobs that pay the employee enough to change their lives forever. Here are some of the highest paying jobs one can opt for in a casino.

  1. Operations Director
    What can potentially be the toughest job in a casino? Conducting the game? repairing the slot machines? Or someone who manages everything from above? Operations director or Director of Operations is someone who has the responsibility of taking care of the smooth flow of all the services, inside-out. He is the one who looks over the events and tournaments hosted by the casino. He is the one who supervises all the departments of a casino. He also is given the task of creating business strategies to maximize casino’s growth. With so many risky responsibilities on his shoulder, his pockets are filled with a salary of $85,000 to $1,50,000.
  2. Financial Analyst
    A casino is all about economy and finance and therefore needs someone who is an expert in analyzing the current scenario of finance and making plans for improving it. The one who does it all is called a Financial Analyst. The person needs to have a mandatory finance background and some experience in finance handling before being able to apply for this $1,00,000 around job.
  3. Shift Manager
    While the Operations director is the one responsible for what happens inside the executive room of casinos, the Shift manager is the one who takes care of what happens in the game arena. He is responsible for keeping an eye on the smooth conduct and sober environment of the casino. Customers are the priority of any casino and making the casino personnel work properly so that the customers don’t face any problem is Shift Manager’s priority for which he is given fifty to seventy thousand dollars a year.
  4. Strategic Planner
    In every big casino, stands a person who is not appointed by the casino nor by the player but is still given an important job to do. This job is of a Strategic Planner. A Strategic Planner is appointed by the higher gambling authorities to ensure that the casino doesn’t suffer any financial and non-financial loss. He is given the task to plan ways to keep the casino on track of a long-term goal rather than making small profits for the present time and suffering later. Since this job is given by the gambling organizations, the pay is also high as compared to other advisors of the casino.
  5. Internal Auditor
    Being an auditor in any field is no child’s play. It requires accuracy and honesty at its best. However, the responsibility multiplies when you are an internal auditor of a casino. A casino is a place that has high risks of fraud and theft, for the large amount of money it involves. This is why an Internal Auditor needs to be more careful when in a casino. His job is to take reports from the Operations Director and match it with the in-game data to keep a thorough check on frauds. This supervising job pays for the accuracy you show at your work with an annual salary up to $80,000.
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