Tips for Hiring International Writers

You should find platforms that can be easily, readily, consistently accessed internationally

English is the most popular language by means of total speakers, rather than native speakers, a metric that places the “international language of business” in third place, at some 1.132 billion speakers behind Mandarin Chinese at a close 1.117 billion.

The Importance of Content or Inbound Marketing in Today’s Age

Content writing is most frequently written in English, too; as you may know, content is king over the long run. Although advertising and immediate-result short-term marketing may reel in sales increases that are measured much easier and therefore may feel more material or valuable, as Bill Gates once said, “content is king.”

The Power of Outsourcing English-Written Content Internationally

Although native writers are, statistically speaking, the best at using any language, an outstanding English speaker born outside of the West or another English-dominant country can be at least as good as many native writers — that’s a fact. India, home to the world’s second-largest population behind China, hosts some of the cheapest freelance writers capable of fluently using English in the world.

The United States Dollar is much stronger than the Indian Rupee. India is also home to mass poverty and glaring infrastructure problems that lead to massive amounts of plastic and other pollutants entering the ocean and high rates of disease thanks to poor sewage and plumbing networks. The country’s caste problem largely prevents poor people from moving up the social and economic ladder, encouraging Indians, especially young ones, to find work created by outsourcing.

Investigating Platforms for Finding Solid International Writers

You should find platforms that can be easily, readily, consistently accessed internationally that host truly freelance writers; in other words, these platforms should host profiles of writers who can fully customize or nearly fully customize them at their will.

Such platforms promote competition between writers and give clients like you tons of choices to choose from. Platforms like Upwork and Fiverr even allow you to accept dozens, if not hundreds of proposals from writers without compensating them for those proposals. International writers are often mostly vying for these jobs, as even low-paying ones can take them a long way in some parts of the world.

Always check writers’ reviews and bios to get an idea of what they’re like. You should also make briefs or descriptions for your orders that are easy to understand. Even though you want the quality a highly-skilled writer provides, a language barrier still wedges itself between native English-speaking clients and foreigners who’ve learned English later in life.

The Key to Reliably Paying Your New International Writers

What happens if you lose valuable operating capital after learning how to send money to Indian writers with protection or they run off with your money before rendering services?

The best way to prevent this is by trusting sites that offer escrow services. Trusted, long-established freelance intermediary sites like Fiverr and Upwork are great places to start for reliable escrow services that don’t deteriorate trust or scare service providers away.

If your business can’t afford to lose any money, consider writing content yourself. However, if you can spare a few bones and some time, you can get high-quality written content that will compete with even the industry’s brightest competitors.

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