Why recent graduates can be a great addition to your workplace

The benefits of employing graduates far outweigh the drawback

During tough economic times, many businesses become insular, relying on their tried-and-tested methods of success, and shying away from innovation to protect the bottom line. As prudent as it is to protect profits and employee’s security when the economy takes a downturn like it has in the last year, businesses still need to remain nimble in a changing world.

Often in these situations, businesses tend to halt or restrict recruitment to only the top candidates with a number of years’ worth of experience behind them. This could be negatively impacting business growth and inhibiting ongoing innovation.

Recruiting graduates is often seen as a big investment to make. Training new graduates can be costly, takes time and could require loans for students. Yet, investing in forward-thinking and enthusiastic graduates could make all the difference to a business’s growth in the future, but how?

They bring a fresh insight

Although your long-term members of staff understand your company and industry well, they can often rely heavily on successful methods from the past. Recent graduates will have been exposed to numerous different methods to succeed in their chosen career.

This fresh knowledge translates to fresh insights that your current staff might have overlooked and can benefit your entire business.

They have youth on their side

Falling largely into the 21-21-year-old age category, or Gen Z, graduates have more malleable and sharper brains than their established colleagues. Studies have also shown that younger minds are much better at retaining information, which could lead to more profitable training, giving you a higher return on investment.

Additionally, getting younger employees invested in the future could actually help your staff retention rates, which in turn will help your bottom line.

They bring innovative solutions to changing times

Generation Z graduates are highly switched on to the changing world and are able to adapt to new circumstances very quickly. This ability to switch on to social, economic, political and environmental changes can help inform your business’s future strategy, turning your company into a nimble player in a changing world.

Harnessing the innovative mindsets of recent graduates could actually boost your company’s growth and protect its future.

They have a willingness and appetite to learn

With their sharp and malleable minds, it is no surprise that recent graduates have a higher aptitude for learning. Studies have also shown that recent graduates are eager, willing and hungry to learn when they first set out into the world of work.

Hiring naturally inquisitive graduates who are happy to learn, adapt to and innovate the status quo has many benefits in safeguarding the future of your business.

No matter the challenges your company faces during tough trading conditions, the benefits of employing graduates far outweigh the drawbacks. If you want to see your business prosper and thrive in the future, consider hiring recent graduates into your talent pool.

The British Institute of Recruiters is the Professional Body operating The Recruitment Certification Scheme

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