Launch of New Recruiter Toolkit Set to Improve NHS Hiring Practices and Modernise Healthcare Recruitment

The launch coincides with the release of the report Volume Recruitment in the NHS: Themes and Recommendations

Recruit for Health announces the launch of a new recruitment toolkit for healthcare recruiters, which is set to modernise healthcare recruitment by combining innovative selection techniques with future facing digital technology.

The toolkit approaches candidate assessment in a new way, aiming to make the process more flexible, more attractive and more accessible as opposed to traditional methods which were designed for whittling down large numbers of candidates.

The toolkit combines a number of practical real-world tools recruiters can pick up and use to attract and select a diverse range of candidates quickly and effectively. These include:

● The ‘Attract Interview’- a digital interview guide which can be used on-the-go at recruitment events and open days
● The ‘Attract Assessment Centre’ – a fun, engaging experience for candidates which also delivers for manager
● Psychometric assessment for senior candidates
● A range of training courses
● A review of your recruitment process
● Bespoke assessment design services

Joanna Cook, Founder, Recruit for Health said “Staff shortages in healthcare are real. We want to help healthcare recruiters attract and select people who have the values and behaviours to thrive in the world of healthcare – not a measurement of how they fill in an application form. Overall, a positive candidate experience leads to a favourable impression of you and your organisation and can increase the likelihood of retention so it’s important to get it right from the start.” 

The launch of the toolkit coincides with the release of the report Volume Recruitment in the NHS: Themes and Recommendations, which focuses on volume recruitment of nurses and healthcare assistants (HCAs) as the largest staff groups at all NHS trusts, discussing best-practise recruitment methods within the NHS, and provides recommendations relating to the modernisation of recruitment practices locally.

Cook continued, “The NHS are quite rightly ploughing resources into retaining staff but missing the recruitment piece, hence the creation of this report. My objective is to shine a light on recruitment standards within the NHS, and with this I have made a number of suggestions as to how they can improve. We need to look closely at all aspects of the employee journey, and recruitment is an important place to start; the way we attract, recruit and retain staff in the NHS has a far-reaching impact on both patients and staff.”

To learn more about the toolkit visit:

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