Highest paid jobs in the UK that you can get without a formal degree

Don’t let yourself down if you are short of a university degree

Completion of a formal course in university is not the only way to earn a handsome job. Skillset matters a lot in today’s fast-paced world which you can develop without attaining a formal education. There are lots of opportunities available for UK students to enhance their careers by getting a handsomely paid job.  

Casino manager
Gaming manager position don’t always require a degree. Some casinos offer management training programs that you can make use of them. Those who aspire to work in management should assume numerous duties within a casino and learn different jobs.  Meanwhile, you can earn some rewards in Bingo Gaming in the UK. The average salary of a casino manager is €27,855.

Youth worker
Being a youth worker, you will spend most of your days with young people, nurturing them both personally and socially. You might work with local services, youth offending teams or voluntary organizations and community groups. A lot of people set foot in youth work as a volunteer or paid worker, but you can qualify via youth work apprenticeships. The average salary range varies from  €23,250 to €37,500. 

Head chef
Head chefs can get paid up to  €50,000 per year based on their culinary skills whereas, the entry-level chef can earn around €16,000. If you have a huge knack for food, hone your skills by working in a kitchen or head to a culinary school to learn more. Anyhow, the average salary will be  €30,687.

To become a pilot in the UK, you will need to get an Airline Transport Pilot’s License(ATPL) which will require 18 months of training on the full-time course. However, gaining your ATPL can be expensive with the average course costing between  €60,000 and €90,000. The good part is that pilots can earn up to €140,000 per year once fully equipped.

Fitness Manager
A fitness manager manages either a sole gym or takes responsibility for a fitness brand. As a fitness manager, you will be responsible for the maintenance and smooth running of the facilities the brand offers. You will also be in charge of attracting new customers, recruiting staff, and generating revenue. To reach the status of a manager, start working in a fitness centre and climb up the ranks further. The average salary may be  €34,734.

Software Engineer
If you are tech-savvy, you can become a software developer without a degree. Look for an entry-level job or get your hands dirty by accessing some online course. You can even start a career by freelancing. A strong flair in programming languages, frameworks, and development methods is imperative. The average salary can be around  €39,907.

Environmental Conservation Officer  
If you are the one who makes tremendous effort to preserve the environment around you, environmental conservation may be the field for you. The officers monitor the outdoors, encourage others to enjoy the environment around them, manage wildlife habitats, and many more. The salary range is from  €18,000 to €60,000.

Construction Manager
You will be responsible for organizing the work on building projects and making sure the work is executed safely within the said budget and time. To begin, get some experience as a surveyor and site supervisor and move up from there. You can expect an average salary of  €53,118.

Don’t let yourself down if you are short of a university degree. There are plenty of other choices where you can soar high. So, get set and explore. Good luck there!

The British Institute of Recruiters is the Professional Body operating The Recruitment Certification Scheme

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