How to run a successful recruitment business

Read these top tips on how to run a successful recruitment strategy

Building a winning recruitment team isn’t an easy feat. You’ll not only need to find talent to secure new clients, but they will need to discover the right candidates for the interview process.

If you want to turn your company into an industry leader, you must improve productivity and engagement across the business. Read these top tips on how to run a successful recruitment strategy.

Invest in an Applicant Tracking System

Every recruitment agency should invest in an applicant tracking system. It will allow a team to track various candidates throughout the hiring process. For instance, you can follow a candidate from their job application through to their job offer letter.

The biggest benefit of an applicant tracking system is that recruiters can pinpoint where the most qualified applicants are applying from online. For example, they might have found a vacancy on a career page, job board, or via social media. As a result, you could identify the best platforms to find high-caliber talent.

Unite Your Team

Communication and collaboration are important in recruitment. While a healthy rivalry can boost performance, overly competitive staff might stop communicating or helping one another. Therefore, it is your responsibility to unite your team and ensure all your employees feel as if they are working hard toward the same goal.

There are various ways you can bring your recruitment staff together. For instance, you could invest in team bonding activities to help them strike up friendly, collaborative relationships, such as a team hike or enter an escape room.

Also, it might help to provide fun company events to allow your staff to have some fun outside of the workplace. For example, you could host a fun-filled summer party and hire fantastic corporate entertainment, such as event bands, magicians, or circus acts.

Host Industry Events

Don’t wait for clients or candidates to contact you. Go out and find them by hosting industry events. For instance, if you specialize in IT recruitment, host an industry event to bring together companies or top IT talent. It will provide an opportunity to form relationships with key figures or potential applicants for a role. It’s a great way to improve internal efficiency, provide your clients with a higher quality of talent, and boost your recruitment company’s brand awareness.

Encourage Recruiter Preparation

Recruiters will want prospective job candidates to have researched a company and the potential role. However, many recruiters make the mistake of failing to return the favor and don’t prep for the recruitment interview. If they haven’t read a candidate’s resume before a meeting, or they fumble around looking for documents or their phone, a talented applicant might walk away from the process. For this reason, you must encourage every recruiter on staff to prepare for each interview, which will ensure you don’t miss out on securing top talent for a client.

If you follow these top tips, you could improve productivity and engagement, which could lead to a stronger reputation and revenue.

The British Institute of Recruiters is the Professional Body operating The Recruitment Certification Scheme

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