How to attract people to work for your business?

Here are a few things to consider before you begin the recruitment process

A talented and motivated team is the best way to create a positive workplace. However, future demographic trends predict there will be a shortage of high-quality employees. Employees are ageing, changing careers and prioritising a work-life balance.

Make your business an attractive place to work to ensure you recruit and obtain the best employees. Here are a few things to consider before you begin the recruitment process.

Review your company’s approach

Before you look for new talent, consider the employees you already have. You need to make sure you’re not losing your best people to competitor companies. Assess whether you are providing rewards, promotions and adequate staff training. Employees are looking to develop their skills and business knowledge.

Develop your company’s culture

Your office should be a motivating and energised space. Identify your company’s brand and the values you want to encourage in the office. Business owners are starting to invest in relaxation zones, like a games room.

Gaming spaces can help your employees destress and strengthen the relationships between co-workers to make them a better team. Consider selling or trading in your current PS4 or other games consoles and upgrading to the latest model.

Offer an employee benefit programme

 High-quality candidates will expect a high-quality benefits programme, offering life, medical and dental coverage. You should include flexible working hours and work-at-home options in this package.

A benefit programme is no longer an added bonus on a recruitment offer. The type of benefits offered for high skilled and experienced candidates can sway them towards one job over the other. 

You can also offer more unique benefits, like bring a pet to work, babysitting services and a gym room. Employees are more productive and cheerful when they can maintain their health, fitness and personal life.

Be creative with perks

Most employees are looking to work for companies that consider a work-life balance. If your office is based in a fun-filled area with water sports and hiking, make sure to highlight this. Lifestyle should be included in the recruitment offer so candidates can see that you offer a positive work environment and supportive community.

Small businesses often can’t afford lavish on-site perks, like gyms and games rooms. However, you can offer coupons for gyms and spas as an introductory perk for new employees. As your business grows, make sure to increase the range of lifestyle perks you offer as well.

The British Institute of Recruiters is the Professional Body operating The Recruitment Certification Scheme

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