Business Coaching: What clients look for in their coach

Coaches can help people achieve their goals and maximize their potential at the same time

The world of business coaching is quickly growing, and professionals are finding it to be a valuable resource. Why? Coaches can help people achieve their goals and maximize their potential at the same time. They’re there to support and provide advice on how to manage a person’s career or business efficiently and successfully. You need to know what prospective clients want out of a coach before they choose one. In our guide, we will cover what people look for in a business coach and how you can improve your skills to become a better coach for your clients.


In order to achieve their goals in a shorter time frame, people will look for a business coach who can provide them with good questions rather than all the answers. Even if they already have the answer to these questions, the right questions will help them think differently about the situation, which will lead to solutions they may never have considered without a new perspective. 

Part of asking the right questions is developing active listening skills when you become a business coach, and over the course of your career, you should have excellent skills in active listening and asking the right questions as a result. If you’re not a coach yet, and you’re interested in a new career, head over to the BCF Group for their excellent business coaching programs.


Early on, a business coach will gain insight into what success means to the client and will work with them to clarify what they want to achieve in their future ventures. An experienced business coach will simplify confusing and complex challenges while helping clients build the framework they require in order to achieve their desired results. During programs or courses where your client is part of a group, you will be responsible for helping them develop the skills needed to clarify what they want to achieve as a team, which will benefit their overall training throughout the duration of the executive coaching.


The most important aspect of a business coach should be the chemistry they share with the client. Finding a coach that is the perfect fit can be trial and error for many people, but the right person is essential in order to accomplish their business and life goals. 

If there is no chemistry between a person and their business coach, it can be challenging to develop the trust that is essential for the process, and you may often find your client second-guessing you as their business coach. They will look for someone who they find easy to talk to as this is the first sign they will get on well with you as a business coach. 


As well as getting on well with the client, a good business coach needs to give the client confidence. Focusing on their strengths and achievements rather than trying to fix other aspects or pushing them to do better will build your clients confidence which will lead to improved performance in areas they struggle with. You should never make your client feel bad about themselves when they face challenges, and focusing on the positives will help them develop their weaknesses. 


As a business coach, you need to provide your clients with the right amount of accountability in order to keep them on track for achieving their objectives. Creating a culture of positive accountability ensures that your client is committed to taking the right action and focused on what they want to accomplish. Together you can set goals and help your client work towards them each week. As you work, there may be specific actions that your client will need to take, and having you hold them accountable for their work will help them achieve their goals.


When someone begins business coaching, you are the perfect person to provide them with an external perspective and a sounding board for ideas. As a coach, you will have been in many situations throughout your career and will have faced many business challenges. This will allow you to provide the client with an expert perspective on their aspirations, future concepts, and any obstacles they may be experiencing. It can be challenging when facing these problems alone, and having someone with them every step of the way will ensure that they reach their goals and transform into the professionals they are aiming for. 


An effective coach will be focused solely on their client and their growth rather than themselves. You will need to help your client clarify what is important to them and what aspirations they have for the future while providing them with the necessary tools to build a path and plan to achieve their goals. Once a client has chosen to work with you, they won’t want to hear only about your career and achievements; this should have been covered early on before you began working with the client, and once you start coaching them, it is essential that you only focus on their needs. 


When you first start out as a business coach, you may already have years of experience working on and running a company. As you develop in your career, it’s vital that you spend time understanding different industries in order to offer a wealth of experience to your clients that is tailored to their specific business needs. Any challenges or setbacks you have faced during your career will create the perfect foundation to provide your clients with everything they need to achieve their goals.


As a business coach, you will be required to have expertise in many areas that will benefit your clients as they will seek coaches who can provide them with guidance and support in areas they need it most. For example, if your client needs help with time management, they won’t choose a business coach that can’t offer expertise in this area. Clients want to grow and improve, which means you will need to have a wide range of skills that can provide them with the best expertise in any area they struggle with.

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