Don’t Neglect Your Business Phone Number

Here are some reasons why you shouldn't neglect your business phone number

With so much emphasis on social media, email marketing, and websites to connect with customers these days, many businesses can forget about their phone numbers and regard it as something unimportant. This is not true, as even today, your business’s phone number provides a lot of key functions that would disadvantage your organization without it. That is why it is essential to maintain your business’s telecommunication so that it is suitable and up to scratch. Here are some reasons why you shouldn’t neglect your business phone number.

It Can Help Build a Brand

The branding of your business can be the deciding factor on if it succeeds or not, as it’s your branding that determines whether a customer is attracted to your services or not. This includes logos, design, copy, tone of voice, but a vital ingredient of branding is also your mobile number. A lot of companies use their numbers to help them be memorable, and some even brand themselves around this number. Taxi firms are a great example of this, as they usually deploy catchy numbers that stick in customers’ heads, which is something that all businesses should attempt.

Memorable numbers are also great in audio marketing such as radio, film, or podcasts as these numbers can be turned into a jingle that are easier to remember and recite. Your number can easily be used to help form your companies identity, and to do that further, it’s a good idea to use a reliable 800 service, as these types of numbers are easily customizable and have plenty of additional benefits to your business.

It’s Great for Customer Service

Having a phone number provides an easy to access avenue for your customers to get support and stay connected. In fact, despite there being other options in terms of customer services such as FAQs, forums, chatbots, and instructional videos, customers still value the person to person interaction that a telephone conversation can bring. One main reason for this is that it makes the caller feel valued and essential as they’re receiving more personalized and tailored support, which gives them greater incentive to come back and use your products or services again.

A phone number is also an appealing avenue for customer support as it provides an instant response, meaning it is excellent for urgent queries and immediate contact. Additionally, some matters are just far too complex to be solved by any other method or can be made extremely laborious through these other methods. Sometimes a five-minute phone call can get a lot more done in a lesser amount of time than a chain of four or more emails.

Keeps Everyone Connected

It’s hard to believe how much time businesses spend online with their marketing and such, but not everyone is online or using the internet as frequently as you may like. There’s a sizable demographic that are far more traditional in how they operate, meaning that if you haven’t got a telephone number, then you run the risk of isolating these people, which can make a huge difference depending on your product and key target audience. There was still 14% of the population that lacked internet access in the United Kingdom only five years ago, and that percentage is even more significant in the US. Having a phone number can help businesses maintain their connection with this portion of the market.

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