Healthcare staffing specialist sees 400% increase in telemedicine enquiries

The industry of virtual health appointments has seen a dramatic increase as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic

New insights reveal the demand for telemedicine services and solidify its presence as a permanent healthcare offering

The recent boom in telemedicine is here to stay according to, a leading provider of Primary Source Verification (PSV) services, which has seen a 400% increase in telemedicine enquiries from all over the world during the last quarter alone.

The industry of virtual health appointments, otherwise known as telemedicine, has seen a dramatic increase as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, with a Forrester report indicating that virtual care visits will reach 20 million this year [1]. It’s an approach to primary care that is here to stay and while healthcare institutions largely implemented temporary solutions to keep up with patient demand early on in the pandemic, they are now looking at implementing more dynamic and secure systems. 

This is according to Alejandro Coca, co-head of, who says, “Given how COVID-19 has completely changed the world we live in, it comes as no surprise that the telemedicine industry is booming. What’s great to hear from the conversations we’re having is that healthcare institutions aren’t seeing telemedicine services as a stop-gap anymore and it’s firmly part of long-term strategies.

“For patients, telemedicine services provide quick and easy access to healthcare experts, therefore offering greater peace of mind around health issues, so it’s exciting to see this offering really taking off. We’re currently actively working with four telemedicine organisations to source verified, credible healthcare professionals – from doctors and nurses to radiologists and psychologists – for their platforms. In addition, we’ve seen our verification business grown 40% due to new business lines such as telemedicine and our sourcing industry has grown over 140% in the last quarter, demonstrating the sheer demand for these services from all over the world.”

Alejandro concludes, “Healthcare institutions are keen to get these new service lines up and running and properly functioning, but it’s critical that they focus on sourcing both the right technology and the right healthcare professionals. Only through both of these elements can patient safety and privacy be assured. What’s clear to see is that telemedicine services have seen a real turning point as a result of the pandemic and it’ll be interesting to watch this service line adapt and grow over the coming years, becoming part of our everyday lives.” provides access to pre-verified healthcare staff from every geography and specialty and has vast experience sourcing candidates for a variety of telemedicine services around the world.

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