9 top-rated job & career podcasts of 2021

The internet has simplified the hiring process for us but also made it more competitive

Just imagine that our parents and grandparents had to go over newspaper ads when they were looking for jobs. Or even searched for announcements on bulletin boards. We, however, only need to google job postings and apply for them from the comfort of our homes. What a change!

The internet has simplified the hiring process for us but also made it more competitive. The easier it becomes to apply, the more candidates want to do that. Some of them send their resumes even if they are 10% match to what’s written in the job description. Obviously, this creates a noise that recruiters have to filter to find a perfect match.

Technologies help them with it. Modern ATS systems exist to protect recruiting team members from getting thousands of resumes from individuals who are low-qualified for the positions in question. However, surprisingly, few people understand how these algorithms work.

Most of them found out about these recent changes in the job market from job and career podcasts they started listening to. This activity is highly recommended to those who look for changes in their career. The podcasts offer not only this information but also many other useful facts conveniently put in front of job seekers ready to be used.

Squiggly careers

This is a weekly podcast which not only discusses the features of the best resume editing service such as SkillHub but also explains the details of modern work hunt. A few speakers who take turns week by week help applicants figure out how to manage stress, build strong teams, achieve more, and so on.

If you have any trouble discovering your strengths or putting them into words, this podcast is definitely worthy of your attention. Lots of useful tips wait for you in each and every episode.

Career talk: learn – grow – thrive

This podcast is authored by Stephanie Dennis who’s known for her recruitment expertise. She shares holistic career advice in a very friendly and light-hearted manner. Her advice is always constructive and up to date.

Following Dennis’ guidance, you are likely to notice growing acceptance of your resume by recruiters. It usually results in more interviews and offers received.

Happen to your career

If you believe that learning from real experiences is the best thing you can do, then you must listen to Happen To Your Career. This is a podcast inspired by real-life stories that provide tools and roadmaps on how to land a job and get more interviews.

If you are starting to think that a career change could be a good thing for you, this podcast is the best thing for you to listen to. It’s a very friendly and helpful resource for those who need a push to act.

Pivot with jenny blake

Jenny Blake hosts this podcast to help people who are puzzled with all the recent advancements in the job sector. Not only does she help embrace fear, insecurity, and imperfection associated with job search but also teaches people to find opportunities in the most unexpected of places.

Jenny Blake’s tips and tools are all tested and really work. She makes changes seem easier, which helps a lot in embracing the ever-changing world.

The school of greatness

If you aren’t looking for practical tips and career advice but want to keep abreast of various career scenarios, this podcast is exactly what meets your goals. Lewis Howes hosts it alone, inviting businesspeople, celebrities, and other people with inspiring stories.

These stories often discuss the qualities successful people have. You can use this knowledge to decide what skills you should advance to minimize negative job-related scenarios.

Career warrior podcast

Career Warrior Podcast’s goal is to help people land their dream job by teaching them to understand what the market demands. This podcast discusses career fields, salaries, resume writing techniques, online services, and even the struggles of successful career coaches.

It brings into the light interesting details about the importance of education and training, key skills, and relevant work experience on your resume. Listen to new episodes from time to time to learn more about unusual career paths and unique experiences.

The career reset

This podcast is a savior for those people who want to create a rewarding and interesting career that both inspires and pays the bills. If you are one of them, you’ll probably find inspiration, tools, and advice so much needed to advance along your professional path.

The podcast, however, doesn’t limit itself to some stories to discuss. It typically offers quite handy and useful tips on job search, application procedures, resume writing, and even relationship management. The Career Reset is obviously helpful at any point in your career.

The career change maker

If you wonder where and how you can find a dream job, The Career Change Maker is a good choice to listen to. It not only offers great guidance across each step of the job search but also provides tips, strategies, and real-life stories to facilitate your transition into the dream field.

We spend most of our life working, so you must build an interesting career to get inspired and enjoy each step of the way. It’s possible to love your work while keeping a work-life balance and being really happy about everyday discoveries. The Career Change Maker is there to help you with that.

The evolved career

This podcast is meant to inspire, entertain, teach and motivate you to achieve heights in your career while building the life you want. Host Julie Bauke openly speaks about working and living matters that may be interesting to both currently employed people and job seekers.

The main idea is to align your career and personal life, harmonize them and make sure they bring you comfort. Also, the host teaches how to get used to the new COVID-induced reality and work effectively from home.

Final words

If you are struggling to understand the changes that happened in the labor market and look for professional advice on how to adjust to them, podcasts are the best thing to check first. This is a free ready-to-use material that you can listen to whenever you have some time or even when you are driving.

Just choose one of the podcasts, which appeals to you the most, and learn more about automation of the hiring process, ways to get a dream job, and tricks to earn a competitive advantage.

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