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10 top-paying jobs that do not require a university degree

Research reveals that having a university degree is not the only route to having a well-paid job

Jobs such as Construction Site Manager’s and Pilots made the top ten list for jobs that don’t require a university degree according to research conducted by job site, Indeed.

The research found that, while many of the most lucrative careers are limited to university graduates, there are still plenty of well-paid opportunities available for those who don’t go down the higher education route.

The ten highest paying jobs which do not state having a degree as a prerequisite are:

  1. Construction site manager – £50,000
  2. Pilot – £ 41,153
  3. HR Manager – £ 35,000
  4. Executive assistant – £ 30,000
  5. Electrician – £ 28,615
  6. Farm Manager – £ 24,000
  7. Power plant operator – £ 24,000
  8. Sales executive – £ 22,500
  9. Firefighter – £ 21,000
  10. Estate agent – £ 20,000

In position one is construction site manager – a role with a low risk of automation and an average salary of £ 50,000.  Some Managers do have a foundation degree or HND, but many learn the required skills by working their way up through the ranks.

In tenth place is estate agent, a job that requires no formal qualifications. Though the average advertised salary is just £20,000, successful candidates can earn much more through commission.

The findings have come just days after the Institute of Fiscal Studies (IFS) published a study showing that, while graduates continue to enjoy higher wages than those without a degree, future graduates could benefit less from having a university education.

A spokesperson for the Indeed described how the top ten list gives a good insight into the opportunities open to those who decide university is not suited to them, adding: “Most require vocational study or on-the-job training, rather than an academic degree. Some are what we class as ‘opportunity jobs too. These are roles in sectors where there’s a high degree of innovation and job creation, and which enjoy higher-than-average rates of wage growth and pay above a certain threshold.

“With university tuition fees rising, the economic returns from getting a degree are decreasing. While many attach to it a value that goes beyond financial returns and earning prospects, some students will be asking themselves whether the sums of doing a degree add up.”

*Salary data taken from job postings advertised on in Q2 2016; Automation risk data stated from the University of Oxford’s ‘The Future of Employment’ study

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  1. If you will ask a choice from degree or knowledge then defiantly many people will say knowledge that is the reason many jobs are demands for knowledge in place for asking the degree as you have listed in this post.

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