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Parody of Adele’s ‘Hello’ shows the very real struggle of finding employment post-university

Careers site has set this dilemma to music, taking Adele's hit 'Hello' as its inspiration

It’s a classic catch 22: we need experience to get work, but we need work to get experience. Careers site has set this dilemma to music, taking Adele’s hit ‘Hello’ as its inspiration.

Adele’s original lyrics outline her attempts to re-connect with an old flame. The parody, however, features an Adele-lookalike in her quest to secure a job. We see her repeatedly calling a potential employer, who becomes increasingly concerned for his safety as her attempts become more and more desperate. They culminate in her breaking into his office and vandalising his car with shaving foam.

The video is likely to strike a chord with thousands of young, recent graduates struggling to find work. The leap from student life into the world of work isn’t always easy. After spending three years with the regular support of a student loan and only the comfortable pressure of university lecturers to worry about, being out alone in the world can feel unnerving.

Adele mark two lets us know that, now graduated, she’s back at home with her parents and looking for a way out: ‘I’m at my parents’ house dreaming of getting out of here’.

The number of under thirty-fives living at home with their parents has steadily risen over the past few years, as young people find themselves priced out of the housing market and unable to find the regular income they need to move into rented accommodation. It’s a situation many people can relate to, and can scupper a young person’s expectations of a glamorous, adult life.

The parody touches on another reality of post-uni life: the lack of funds for entertainment. Singing ‘I’ve forgotten how it felt without a loan for my support… I can’t afford to go drinking’ the young woman, once again, picks up the phone to enquire about a job.

Living a party lifestyle, sharing a house with classmates and paying for drinks with maintenance loans becomes a thing of the past when the cheques stop, and the loan payment plans start arriving in the post.

The parody raises some interesting questions about how much effort should be put into chasing leads for graduate jobs. Unemployed Adele types, ‘How many times can you call someone before it’s harassment?’ into a search engine. It is possible that desperation can be off-putting to potential employers, who might be hoping for strong, confident applicants who feel that they have the pick of a variety of vacancies.

‘Hello from me I’m applied. I know I’m underqualified’ sings unemployed Adele to the manager in whose hands her fate rests.

While some students spend their free time during university gaining experience in their chosen industry, many don’t, leaving with only a degree to their name. While employers should be sympathetic to young graduates without experience, with rising student fees it might be time for students to start putting the extra work in during their time at university.

By taking advantage of clubs and societies, volunteering opportunities and part time jobs, future graduates could save themselves from heartache, and find themselves saying ‘hello’ to some great roles.

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