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The top reasons women refrain from investing in their careers

Employers hire people to either help their company make money or help their company save money

In the competitive job market, you simply can’t rely on your employer to get you the career training and help you need to improve your skills as part of an employment package. It’s not a one-way street. Employers in today’s market expect us to give back.

This is the number one assumed employee and job seeker mistake we are all guilty of making at some point in our careers. Employers hire people to either help their company make money or help their company save money. Always remember this.

We have all been to a job interview, heard that question ‘Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years’ and responded with enthusiasm, questions about training, and shown dedication to the role. This ‘old way of thinking’ makes no odds to your employer.

What does matter to them, is how much you cost and that means initially, and in the long run. Employers know statistically that at least 40% of their work force, who they do invest in, will look to leave with in the first year.

That inevitably means cagey employers who are less likely to splash the cash, and far less training opportunities for those who do really want them.

Time & Cost Implications to Invest in Your Own Career

In the digital age, it’s all too easy to feel comfortable with what we know and never look to further our skills. Breaking the mould of stagnation is never an easy task, if we look towards a brighter future one will come our way.

If your keen to get the ball rolling and looking for a way to make it financially viable an Advanced learner loan might be a good option. They offer adult learners who are looking to manage the costs of further education an affordable way, to go about financing your education directly via the UK government.

Investing in your own knowledge and capabilities can set you up to become outstanding in what you do and of course the long-term personal and financial rewards can be endless. It’s a known fact professional training promotes job satisfaction, improves financial reward, and that in turn improves our quality of life.

Frightened of What Further Success & Standing Out May Bring

Instead of seeking to become successful, some of us make excuses, stalling any opportunity to better ourselves. Allowing our fears and self-doubts to take over and stop us fulfilling our potential. One of the biggest mistakes we all make is believing that the whole world and everyone around us is judging us.

What we should be doing Instead is embracing the notion we want to grow and better ourselves!

The key to success is following in someone else’s footsteps, while carving your own unique path. Don’t put yourself under so much pressure, it’s very normal to go through patches of ups and downs, stops and starts. Don’t be afraid to fail, don’t be afraid of being judged and don’t overlook opportunities that present themselves.

Not Recognising That Now Is Always the Best Time

How many times have you considered how different your life might be if you had just put that great idea into action, instead you put off acting on your decision. This is the most common downfall in any path for development.

Excuses such as ‘it’s not the right time’ ‘what about my family’ ‘I don’t deserve it’.

It’s easy to change the way you look at progression. The fact that you had the idea to change, is enough to tell you that you should be doing something about it. Whether that’s a complete new career or seeking to advance your skills. Both require hard work and determination to reach your goals. Here are some great tips to help you get started.

  • Don’t set yourself unrealistic goals
  • Create a reward for yourself
  • Think & Believe the goal is easily achievable
  • Get someone else involved to help you achieve success
  • Set yourself a deadline
  • Lastly – Stop putting off what should be done today!

Fear of Making Mistakes

Making mistakes is inevitable and part of life, but making the mistake of burring your head in the sand and avoiding change is the largest one you will ever make. It’s all too easy to become blinkered into the same patterns and habits.

Stop and take a clear look at what’s going on around you, never stick with the comfortable old ‘this is what I know and this is what I do & is what’s best for me’. Because it’s not! You need to always be one step ahead of the game to stay in front. Jobs are scarce and employees are abundant and that’s a fact!

Fear of Being Outdated

Falling behind in terms of your career can be detrimental to landing a new role or gaining a much-deserved promotion. It maybe that all you need is to brush up on your skills take a quick course, it’s easy for a PA or Secretary to keep repeating the same old tasks day after day.

Or on the other hand you can be different, show initiative and take an Executive PA Training Course and further your knowledge and skills. Employers love staff who are open to change, adaptable and who seem to thrive in changing environments. Be Bold & Be Different!

There’s an old rule of thumb that successful individuals single out the most vital career tools they need to pursue their dreams and go after it. Whatever might be holding you back, don’t let it. Address those challenges, fears and insecurities so they can’t take hold of what’s important to you going forward.

Look at what your current situations is telling you and make that change.

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