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Fun or Fiendish – Post-Its Employed in Design Battle

A paper war of design and wit - the weapon of choice: post-it notes?

There is always fierce rivalry between design companies, but what started out as a bit of fun got a little out of hand between two Manhattan office buildings recently. The neighbouring office buildings, housing several design agencies, started a battle that would end in either surrender or a lack of window space!

The battle commenced with one employee posting an innocent enough “Hi” in the window. But who could have predicted what would ensue following this simple act of pre-lunch boredom. What followed was a sequence of events which you could say, snowballed out of control, creating a pretty sticky issue for the building management team.

Elaborate offerings included much-loved cartoon characters, Marge and Homer Simpson making an appearance, employee lunch preferences, salutations of every description, pop art offerings – even larger than life sticky super heroes entered the fray. 3M, the makers of the Post-it note, even decided to get involved with a free, endless supply of the mini missives supplied to the battling parties.

Were any client briefs being taken or indeed completed whilst this silly siege was taking place? Debatable.

Perhaps for this reason and the fact that a worldwide shortage of the innocent little note-lets seemed one imminent outcome, it is fortunate that the building management company weighed in with a finite ultimatum – clear up the window clutter within the week or else!

Havas International can potentially claim the victory in the end with an impressive gargantuan hand dropping a microphone in their window, recorded for posterity by Spectacle Studio. Workers were enticed to stay after hours to complete the masterpiece, rewarded with beer and pizza.

In a world where the cyber word is king and seems to have superseded all traditional forms of human interfacing and communication, it does seem a shame to have thwarted such creative and humourous interaction. After all, what harm can some innocent little messages do in today’s sometimes harsh world. New York could certainly do with some banterous camaraderie after the events of it’s recent past.

Well, for now, daylight has won the day, the paper has been discarded and the windows cleaned. Now it’s back to work for the wayward employees and 3M will be able to breathe a huge sigh of relief that their profits will not be in jeopardy.

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