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Recruitment Directors get new recognition & accreditation

Issued by The British Institute of Recruiters (BIoR)

For years, recruitment directors had little or no way to differentiate their status from that of their staff and team members.

The British Institute of Recruiters BIoR

The New Recruitment Director Recognition: mBIoR DIR

Qualifications and membership levels have typically been open to all, providing no way to determine the seniority of professional recruitment leaders.

Now, The British Institute of Recruiters (BIoR) has changed that with this new accreditation ‘mBIoR DIR’, just for Recruitment Directors who lead the industry.

The new Recruitment Director accreditation, open to directors of recruitment companies that hold a current membership with The British Institute of Recruiters (BIoR), is a result of the Government’s recent upgrade of the Institute of Recruiters to its new status as The British Institute of Recruiters.

To know more about getting this new accreditation email: or call 0871 288 2108.

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    It is true now Education levels have characteristically been unlocked to everyone, providing no way to determine the superiority of skilled employment leaders.

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