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Meetings on the go? Here’s how to run them effectively

Provided that you have the right tools to guide you along the way, it could be the ideal work-life solution

In 2016, you no longer need to be strapped to a desk to run your business effectively. More and more employers are looking to benefit from the ‘mobile office’ approach, while the self-employed feel the benefits of being able to conduct business alongside family and social life. So how do you keep on top of it all? The answer is with a little planning and foresight.

Remote working is big business. By 2019, it is expected that there will be 11.5 billion devices with mobile connectivity, meaning that business on the move will no longer be a novelty, but the norm.

While a mobile office might seem full of overwhelming possibilities, remember that your time is still valuable. Only join the meetings you need to, and only go ‘mobile’ wherever it’s the best option. It’s still totally legitimate to meet in person or to discuss things over the phone or email. While it’s helpful to be able to work on the move, employee relations are important to maintain in person.

Make sure that you have the right technology. If you conduct much of your business through video conferencing on your mobile or laptop, keep up to date with the latest software. This might be a costly overhead, but after all, you wouldn’t arrange to meet someone in a crowded, noisy room – so why would you conduct a video call on a line full of static or which keeps dropping?

It goes without saying that robust Wi-Fi is a must. If you know that you’re going to be meeting with fellow employees on the move, make sure you’re somewhere with excellent coverage. Lastly, charge your devices before you leave the office. No one likes a socket hogger!

Thanks to offline syncing and apps designed for small businesses and the self-employed, it’s now easier than ever to consolidate your meetings and arrange business activities. A clean desktop, large memory (buy additional if you need it) and an app such as Basecamp or Cisco Spark is all you need to continue discussing your projects in a group chat.

Finally, don’t forget that it’s as important to turn off, get some fresh air, and recharge your batteries. Like everything, running a mobile office requires takes time and balance.

There’s no denying that the movement towards mobile offices can be empowering for you and your business, as well as being relatively affordable and simple to run. Increased connectivity brings with it new possibilities in terms of widening your client base internationally, recruiting new employees and co-working.

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