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Seven social slip ups to be aware of during an interview

Hiring managers need to know exactly what is and isn’t acceptable during the interview process

On paper, a candidate that has been vetted by the HR department may have all of the relevant qualifications, skills and an impressive career history. However, as soon as they enter the interview room, their interpersonal skills can leave a lot to be desired and an unnerving carelessness creeps out. 

In a recent study, it was revealed that the majority of these social blunders will often result in a candidate not getting the position. With interviewees doing everything from checking their phones during an interview to being unable to hold a conversation, hiring managers are given the task of analysing this behaviour to determine whether there’s the potential for any future problems.

When interviewing, there are seven warning signs that you need to watch out for:

1. Late arrivals

An outstanding performance will be required from any interviewee who arrives late for an interview, regardless of how convincing their excuse is. Be sure that they make relevant observations about your company, they ask perceptive questions and are more confident than the other candidates before you even consider overlooking their tardiness.

2. Weak handshakes

The majority of working environments are going to need someone confident and able to approach people, whether they’re work colleagues or clients. Should a candidate arrive at an interview and offer you a handshake that doesn’t involve eye contact and instead involves a clammy hand with a weak grip, be cautious, as this could signal that they’re too timid for your workplace.

3. Strange outfits

The first sign of a candidate’s professionalism will be determined by what they’re wearing. Should they arrive like they’re ready for a night out, it signals that they don’t know how to or don’t have the respect for professionalism in the workplace. Equally, anything that’s too casual may imply that they have a lackadaisical approach to work.

4. Irrelevant chit-chat

If you find that the interviewee runs off on a tangent repeatedly, filling any silences with a lot of unnecessary chatter about entirely unrelated topics of conversation, they may be best avoided. This may suggest that they are unable to focus and have an inability to remain professional, while also being a sign that other employees may not warm to this candidate.

5. Body posture

The way a candidate holds themself during an interview can be a tell-tale sign as to what they’re thinking or how they’re feeling. If their arms remain firmly folded across their chest, it could indicate that they’re arrogant or belligerent. Legs swinging may indicate that they’re nervous, while being slumped in a chair could showcase a lack of confidence.

6. Incorrect elocution

If you’re interviewing a candidate who will be speaking to members of the public or will be writing formal letters of communication, be wary of any signs that they have offensive verbal skills. Colloquial phrases such as, “I dunno” or “I wanna”, suggests that they may not be the right candidate for this job.

7. Unprofessional emails

Finally, once you think you’ve found the ideal candidate, check their email address first. “Hotbabez” in the handle may not signify true professionalism.

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