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How to stop the word ‘No’ costing you sales?

Never take no for an answer! Is it this mentality that is ruining your sales?

The word no can be like a red rag to a bull for many sales professionals, turning a potential new business negotiation with a client into a battle of wills. It is key not to lose your head at the word ‘no’ and suddenly turn your client into your opponent in a tug of war for the deal, the only outcome you will achieve is the last word on nothing.

If your client has taken 20-30 precious minutes out of their busy day for your sales call / meeting, then they are already interested in buying the product / service you are offering. If you receive a ‘no’ from the client, then what they have not bought is you!

Its cheesy but true, people buy people.

When negotiating with your clients and attempting to overcome the ‘no’, keep in mind the following:

  • Fact Find –Sell the problem you solve and not the product!

When you start negotiations with your client, it is important to investigate what is important to them. Is it price, ease of use, quality, support? Once you establish what is important to the client and what they are hoping your product can do for them you can then explain to them why your product is the best for them.

  • Listen

When you first hear the ‘No’ your natural instinct is to start explaining why the customer is wrong to say no, this can lead to you to stop listening to your client and instead waiting for your turn to speak or in worse cases talking over your client in your excitement to get your point across. It is important to stop and listen carefully to all of your clients concerns and objections and show that you understand before addressing them individually. This practice will help you take away any doubts or risk the client feels in proceeding.

  • Confidence 

After hearing a ‘no’ many sales people suddenly become wary of going for the close again and will let the client go with promises to follow up. It is important to remain confident, you have now successfully addresses all of your clients concerns, by dilly dallying over the close your client will start to lose confidence in your reasoning, you may as well kiss goodbye to that sale. Be direct, recap all of the main benefits of the product and the problems it will solve for your client and go in for the hard close and get the deal signed off.

Article by Rachael Morse, Member Benefits Manager at MBL Solutions Ltd. – A sales and marketing professional with over 10 years experience as well as being a part time sales and marketing blogger.

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