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Eight pieces of advice to reboot your career this year

The new year is a chance for a new start, with many people using the change as a chance to reboot their career

Some have spent the last few years focused on their family and are now ready to throw themselves back into work, while others have let their career stagnate and want to move forward with a pay rise or a promotion. Whatever your reason, here are eight pieces of advice that will help to motivate and inspire you to reboot career this year.

1] Know what you want and fight for it

Most people know that they would like an enjoyable job that pays well; however, you need to know exactly what you want if you intend to succeed in your career. Take some time to think about where you want to be in five years’ time and then start to plan how you will get there.

2] Be stubborn when it comes to your dreams

Lots of people have career dreams they give up on, as they think they are unachievable. You can achieve anything if you work hard enough, so be stubborn about your career dreams. It is easy to give up, but working towards something will bring you emotional fulfilment and happiness.

3] Be responsible for your own career

Do not blame your career on the people around you. Some people are tempted to blame their bosses and co-workers for their current situation; however, your career is your own responsibility. If you unwilling to work on it, no one else will.

4] Be your own cheerleader

Do not be hard on yourself when it comes to your career, as this will leave you feeling unsure and under-confident; instead, be your number one supporter and cheerleader by telling yourself that you can do anything you put your mind to. It will be much easier to reboot your career if you are feeling confident and motivated!

5] You are entitled to make a living as a creative

Creative jobs often bring people the most joy; however, many creatives undersell their work, as they do not think they are worth more. If you are a creative, do not sell yourself short; instead, make sure that your prices reflect your value.

6] Rejection is part of life

Some people would like to change careers or apply for a promotion but fear making the first move in case they are rejected. Realise that rejection is a part of life and you cannot avoid it; therefore, you may as well take risks that could be of benefit.

7] Believe that you will succeed

You career will be filled with ups and downs and sometimes it will feel that failure is inevitable; however, this belief will only hold you back. Remember that everything will be fine – and that if it is not fine now, it is not the end.

8] Remember to relax and reflect

There is a very fine line between working hard and burning yourself out. Make sure that you take time every day to relax and reflect on your life and career to avoid feeling exhausted and demotivated.

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