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Why tech apprenticeships are a great route into work – without the debt

Degree apprenticeships are a fantastic option for those wishing to progress academically but equally wanting to work at the same time

Finding work without a degree under your belt is almost impossible in the current climate; however, going to university is not an option for everyone, with some unable to afford the tuition fees and others simply not interested in the way of life that comes with spending three or more years studying away from home. Degree apprenticeships are a fantastic option for those wishing to progress academically but equally wanting to work at the same time; what’s more, there is absolutely no course-related debt incurred!

What is a degree apprenticeship?

Degree apprenticeships, currently only available in the UK, are government-led incentives that enable students to study towards a degree for at least three years whilst working and receiving a salary. Training providers have partnered with universities and workplaces to offer these types of ‘train on the job’ courses, which are funded in full by the employer and the government and leave the student free from the usual debts incurred by students studying at university.

What are the advantages of a degree apprenticeship?

For each successful graduation, employers will receive a £2,700 completion fee; in addition, they will have the opportunity to input methodologies and help to develop skills that will benefit the company. Each theory a student learns is almost immediately put into practice as they carry out their day-to-day tasks at work; therefore, the end result is a high-quality worker with relevant technological and professional skills.

The benefits are not limited to the company; for example, as a degree apprenticeship student, you can kick-start your career as soon as you know in which direction you are headed. For some people, waiting three or so years before becoming a professional is too long, especially when they already have a vision. By completing a course on the go, you develop key skills and valuable experience much sooner than some of your peers attending normal higher education courses.

Degree apprenticeships are a perfect alternative to university for those entering the tech sector, which is specifically adapted to fit the six main entry-level job specialisms: software engineer, IT consultant, IT business analyst, data analyst, cybersecurity analyst and network engineer. Best of all, there is no course-related debt to worry about because your training is funded and you are additionally earning a living. It goes without saying that degree apprenticeships provide a win-win situation for both the employer and the trainee!

How can I find about degree apprenticeships at my chosen workplace?

Although information on degree apprenticeships is not as readily available to colleges and individuals as some of the more common higher level courses, you can find out more by looking at a prospective company’s website and by consulting the government’s dedicated page:

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