Most rewarding bonuses and gifts employees and CEOs have ever received

Giving some form of reward is a great tool to show that they are appreciated

It’s no secret that happy employees tend to be more productive. Many feel happy when they are acknowledged for their efforts in the workplace. Giving them some form of reward is a great tool to show that they are appreciated. Recognizing and rewarding an employee’s contribution to the company is crucial when it comes to making them stay there.

The important thing about successful employee rewards is being thoughtful and creative. You can’t just give them a generic prize for what they bring to the workplace. Here are some examples of the best gifts that employees and CEOs have ever received. Creative rewards are often tailor made to fit the employees passion or needs – these rewards could be a free trip to a winery, discounts for prescription drugs, provision of care packages, and for the thrillseekers  those could even be online casino credits and bonuses such as the Coral Casino Bonus. Let’s look at some of the best rewards and bonuses that employees and CEOs received from their companies.

Employees of a private bank in Switzerland get a month’s worth of extra pay plus they also receive high-end perks like custom Mont Blanc pens and luxury chocolates worth thousands of dollars. The company explained that they go the extra mile for their employees who are willing to go out of their way to perform their jobs.

Memorable gifts are typically not objects. They tend to be more experiential. That is why creative companies try to reward their workers with free adventures that they would never forget. One extravagant gift that a company gave its employees was a free culinary experience to Thailand. The staff members were flown to the exotic country and were brought to the most popular food places there. Besides food tours, there are also brew tours. The entire team gets treated to trips to the top breweries and distilleries where they get to do beer tasting while enjoying a sumptuous meal. This is a fun bonding experience for entire teams that did well in their tasks.

There are also those who give their most valuable employees paradise-like vacation experiences. In this case, the employees get flown to a remote spa and get treated to massages and other wellness activities. They get to relax in the most serene and beautiful places so that they can come back to work refreshed.

For the more adventurous employees, some companies send them off to free ski trips or hot air balloon rides. Skydiving experiences are also becoming a popular choice of gift for the adrenaline-junkie at the office.

One popular trend now is subscription boxes. The company signs their employees up for these and the staff member receives boxes of choice products every month. The subscription boxes can contain a multitude of things like designer coffee, grooming kits, ingredients to dishes that you can cook, snacks from all over the world, and more.

Of course, many companies still give away the ever-reliable gift card. In fact, companies in the US spend over $24 billion on gift cards annually. These are used by their employees to buy whatever they need. Common choices for gift cards are the ones from Amazon, Etsy, GameStop, and other big stores. These are amazing gifts that let the employees choose their rewards. Some even get to use these to fund their online casino accounts.

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