Boosting your business reach with 3 great ideas

Here are three ideas to help boost your business reach

One of the most important tasks of any business is to let more and more people know about what you do. Without a good number of people knowing you exist, you simply won’t be able to make any money. With this in mind, here are three ideas to help boost your business reach.

Hand out free gifts to your customers

The best way to get a potential customer’s attention is to offer them something for free. Unfortunately, if you offered all of your products for free, you’d simply go out of business pretty quickly as you weren’t making any money. Instead, why not hand out free gifts to your customers? Not only will they be more tempted to shop with you knowing they’re getting something free in return, but these gifts can also be a great marketing tool.

Simply put your brand’s logo on gifts like water bottles to turn them into branded water bottles, and they’ll have a constant reminder of your brand throughout the day. When they see this logo more and more, they’re more likely to remember your business when they need to shop for something in the future. It could also raise awareness of your brand to friends and family members who see the logo as they carry the bottle around with them.

Reward existing customers for spreading the word

Another great way of boosting your business’s reach is to encourage your existing customers to spread the word about your products and services. For example, if someone has really enjoyed a meal out at a restaurant, they’re likely to recommend the restaurant to their friends. As a friend is telling them the restaurant is worth going to, they’re more likely to believe them than if a brand was trying to market their restaurant through social media.

That’s why instead of paying for adverts on social media, you should write a post and encourage other customers to share it. One of the best ways you can encourage someone to share a post is to run a competition, promising a prize to one person picked at random who has shared the post to all of their friends on social media. If the prize is one of your products or a gift voucher for your brand, it won’t only cost you very little money to run, but it’ll also help publicise your products at the same time.

Set up shop at an alternative location

If you run a small business on a local high street, you might find that a lot of people find out about your business by simply passing it and looking through the window. Looking at an attractive display of products in a shop window is a really effective way of persuading someone to step into your store.

The only problem is you’re only able to use this method on people who pass your store, which might be a very small amount of people. Instead, why not set up a stall elsewhere to help spread more awareness of your brand? Find a local market and set up a stall selling your products. Whilst being able to make some more revenue, you’ll also be able to let people know your permanent base where they can come and buy more products like this when the market isn’t being held.

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