Government encourages employers to ‘prepare for older workers’

Older employees tend to be more loyal & stay in their positions for a longer period of time, contrary to popular belief

The Welsh Government is urging employers to prepare for older workers within its employment sectors.  Research shows that a third of the working age population in Wales will be aged over 50 within five years.

Due to new job creation and replacement, it’s thought that within the next ten years, the number of young people leaving education won’t be able to fill all of the vacancies opening up in the workforce.

There are already concerns nationwide that many older workers have been pushed out of the workforce prematurely, taking their skills and experience with them. The upcoming skills gap will mean Welsh businesses will find it more difficult to recruit qualified staff and employers will need to be prepared to invest in the skills of older workers to ‘future proof’ their business.

Changing pension provisions mean that more people are expected to extend their working lives.  On the plus side, older employees tend to be more loyal & actually stay in their positions for a much longer period of time, contrary to popular belief.

Younger employees are of course keen and vibrant which are of course great qualities to have.  However, they also have goals and dreams beyond where they are and sometimes they do move on to pastures new.

Julie James, the Deputy Minister for Skills and Technology stated: “We’re just trying to say that it’s wrong to judge people on the basis of their age, actually look at the person you’ve got in front of you and make the most of them.”

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