British workers giving their employers NINE WEEKS unpaid overtime every year

British workers are giving their employers an extra 45 days per year free

In a recent survey by website, the results showed that despite working long hours, 70 percent of British workers were not paid for their overtime.

If put into a calendar year, this means that from as early in the year as September 14th, employees are essentially working for free, having already completed their contracted hours for the year.

Jobs within industries such as nursing and caring are the hardest hit, with teachers putting in lots of extra time too, working a shocking 54 days extra for free, each year.  An overwhelming majority were unpaid for this extra time, up to 87 per cent.

Overtime isn’t always about staying late into the night at the office, you are working extra hours when you arrive early, or eat your lunch at your desk.

Joe Gardiner, from said: “It’s quite a depressing situation. We all want to do a good job when we’re at work, but there’s a line that it seems many of us cross when we’re giving our employers more time than we’re actually getting paid for.”

Although the study was conducted nationwide, some counties are worse than others.  London based employees work an extra 8.9 hours a week, more than a standard day in the office, whilst those in the West Midlands and the Northwest have the best work/life balance and manage to get away with only 8.1 hours extra.

As a result of this shocking discovery, have now launched an online overtime calculator where you can work out just how much extra time you are handing over to your boss.

So how can this be resolved?

Arrive at work on time.  If you are early, prepare your workspace or make a hot drink to get yourself ready for the day.  Also make sure you take a break at lunchtime, a proper break as well as taking all holiday owed to you.

After all, it seems that you are more than owed thanks to years of blindly giving your boss your most precious commodity – that of time.

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