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5 most desirable recruitment trends to follow in 2016

The automated recruitment notion will also gain momentum and acceptance among different human resource people in the current year

When it comes to exploring and describing different ways and approaches through which the process of recruitment could become more simplified, one needs to examine and analyse the importance of recruitment trends in a detailed manner. There is the likelihood that there are 5 crucial recruitment trends that will surely influence the human resource functions of various organisations in 2016. Therefore, being a sensible recruiter you are supposed to consider these trends in order to hire the best talent in an appropriate way. These trends are explained as follows:

1. Companies will invest in their employer branding far more

The significance of employer branding in the near future is expected to increase, hence organisations will definitely develop a plan in order to take maximum benefits from this notion. With the help of this approach, it can be assumed that human resource professionals will be better able to recruit the right people for the right jobs.

2. Candidate experience will be focused on more by recruiters

There is no point in denying that candidate exposure and experience will be given importance to a certain extent. This is due to the fact that organisations which are strategising to develop their long-term influences in the market will focus on credentials and work histories of their potential employees. Thus, candidates are also required to work and enhance their level of expertise in the desired way.

3. Recruiters will not undervalue the impacts of content marketing

This is another crucial trend that is going to offer a huge advantage to various human resource professionals in 2016. As far as the consequences of content marketing in recruitment is concerned, appealing content will be helpful in attracting the attention of potential employees, and as a result, their recruitment strategy will become more productive and result-oriented too.

4. Flexible working hours will be applied

The recruiters or talent hunters are also planning to devise flexible working hours’ policies for their clients in order to obtain the required objectives. This is important as the need for implementing meaningful, as well as manageable, working conditions is increasing, as professional and personal lives are becoming more challenging these days. Employees are seeking flexible working scenarios in their jobs and workplaces so that they can bring an equilibrium in their personal as well as professional lives.

5. Online selection criteria and automated recruitment process will be used

The present digital age suggests that recruiters should use the prevailing tools and procedures to make their process of recruitment highly effective. Therefore, selection criteria should be based on the use or application of online shortlisting parameters, through which the most relevant candidate for the job could be selected.

This ‘automated recruitment’ notion will also gain both momentum, and acceptance, among different human resource people. There are many reasons in support of this concept. When using ‘automated recruitment’ many recruiters will perform the cumbersome and difficult task of the job requirement in a more timely and fruitful manner.

By Elena Nicholson, an experienced Human Resource Manager.

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