The Recruiting Times & FlamePost have teamed up to offer recruiters an amazing way to post engaging content on social media

Simply signup to the FREE forever scheme and all the hard work will be done for you

We all know that regularly researching and posting great content onto social media day after day, week after week, earns you more shares and likes, as well as kudos from potential clients and candidates.

But who has the time for all that?

Well, the Recruiting Times Magazine & FlamePost have teamed up to offer recruiters an amazing way to continuously post new engaging content directly from the Recruiting Times Magazine onto your social media accounts (Twitter/Facebook/LinkedIn) using FlamePost, all managed daily for FREE. It can even post your company adverts in between the article posts.

You simply signup to join the free scheme and all the hard work of posting recruitment and HR content will be done for you. Many already enjoy the scheme via initial trails and now the scheme is open to all.

Join the scheme for free

Join now for free or know more by simply emailing us at quoting the reference: RT/FlamePost

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