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Almost half of UK employees don’t think their boss is worth their salary

It was also revealed that 44% of employees think that they could do their boss’ job as well as they do or better

Brand new research has shown that 40% of Brits don’t think their boss is worth their salary, with those working in the North East agreeing with this statement the most.

Shockingly, the survey by found that 30% of female workers said they wouldn’t be able to do their boss’ job, whereas just 17% of men agreed with this statement. The survey of 2000 employed Brits also asked people to rate their boss’ skill set and found that 64% of UK employees rated their manager’s approachability as good or excellent.

60% praised their supervisors’ availability to them, 51% rated their organisation skills as good or excellent and 42% commended their conflict management. However, only 27% of respondents rated their boss’ communication well.

When it comes to furthering your profession in an office environment, 10% of UK employees admitted that they would flirt with their boss to climb higher on the career ladder, and 4% confessed to previously flirting with managers for their personal gain.

Alongside this, 12% said they bring their boss sweets and chocolates to improve their mood. When it comes to salary, the BBC recently reported that the gender pay gap between men and women, which currently sits at 9.4%, won’t close until 2069.

Interestingly, out of those surveyed earning over £50,000 a year, more than three quarters stated that their boss was male.

Catherine Bannan, HR Manager at, commented:

“Our latest research shows that it’s not just salary that’s separating men and women in the workplace. When asked if they could do their boss’ job well, far more men said yes than women, suggesting that a number of female employees still don’t have the confidence they should have when working in managerial roles.

While closing the gender pay gap would be a great first step towards remedying this divide, it’s also up to people’s attitudes in the work place to help make every employee feel important and successful in their role.”

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