Five reasons to stay in touch with corporate recruiters

Keeping the lines of communications open is of great benefit to both the recruiter and the candidate

For many job applicants, the only contact they will have with a corporate recruiter is perhaps for their initial phone screening before they are referred on to the hiring manager of the company for which they are applying to work at.

However, there are many advantages to keeping in touch with a corporate recruiter, and even building a good relationship with them – even if it’s just maintained with an email a couple of times year.

Forbes contributor, Vicki Salemi highlights five reasons why you should absolutely stay in touch with corporate recruiters beyond the short-term life cycle of your current job hunt.

  • Recruiters move on to new employers

When a recruiter gets a new job within a new company, they need you more than you need them! They’re looking to fill jobs quickly and efficiently with the most qualified candidates. It’s a gift when they see your name in their inbox as they sort through countless CV’s every day.

  • They know recruiters

Recruiters are amazing networkers.  And who’s most likely to be in a recruiter’s network? Other recruiters! If the recruiter you stay in touch with does move onto another company, while they won’t exactly refer you to their former colleague who now works for a competitor, they will have a contacts to hopefully share with you.

  • They trust your employee referrals

Building a solid relationship and mutual trust will reap rewards all round.  Keep the line of communication open, Vicki suggests even just sending an email saying, “Hello, this is my one-year anniversary at the company, thanks again for being the conduit to making it happen!”

This relationship could pay off (literally) when a friend is interested in applying for a job at your company, and you can simply reach out to your recruiter with their CV and your vote of confidence (you should of course follow procedures too, such as with the online application). Even if the recruiter isn’t responsible for filling that particular vacancy, chances are they’ll forward your email with the candidate’s CV to their colleague who is. It’s a win-win. You’ve been helpful. The recruiter likely has a solid candidate in process. And, if hired, your friend not only lands the job, you’ll likely to land a referral bonus too.

  • They have unique insights into internal needs

If you’re looking to move job roles internally within your company, make an effort to connect with the recruiting team.  You may build a relationship which provides a little inside information – which jobs are about to become available, who the hiring manager is, what they are looking for and what to highlight on your CV to demonstrate you’re the perfect fit for that role.

  • They know your worth 

Just like you might ask your mentor about what you should look for in your next role, you could ask a corporate recruiter, who you have built up a relationship with, how much money you should be asking for.

They know what the salary should be for a given position and what you can expect to earn based on your background, as well as whether there’s negotiating room on specific jobs. As you build that relationship with your recruiter, even if you move internally, you can ask them about the internal pay grades, where you align and more.

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