Is your job one of the most boring in the world?

Is Sunday night dread a familiar feeling? Wondering what your work week has in store for you?

Employment specialist, Emolument, has released a list of the 10 most boring jobs after surveying 1,300 professionals across 14 different sectors.  The results revealed that those who work in the legal sector are the least happy, with eight out 10 saying they found their jobs boring.

The least bored were those who work in education (no time to be bored), executive management (money helps distract from the boredom) and research and development (a genuinely interesting career).

Here are the 10 most boring jobs, ranked on the number of professionals in that sector who said they found their job boring

  • Legal jobs (81%)
  • Project management (78%)
  • Support functions (71%)
  • Finance control (68%)
  • Consulting and accounting (67%)
  • Financial services and banking (67%)
  • Engineering (64%)
  • Sales (61%)
  • Marketing and communications (60%)
  • IT (56%)

The most bored employees in the world work in the UAE, followed closely by Italy and the USA.

‘With very high salaries, UAE professionals are more likely to tolerate boring jobs or companies, even when working six days a week,’ say Emolument.

The UK did pretty well on the boredom scale, voted the third most interesting country to work in, with Switzerland claiming the title as the least boring country – owing to their balanced home and work life, and high standard of living.

As you may expect, boredom decreases the further you climb the career ladder, with entry level staff being the most bored.

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