Company bosses reveal their worst ever job applicants – including one candidate who brought their parents along to the interview

Hirers have been sharing their worst interview stories on Reddit

One job applicant brought their children into the interview room, while another brought along their parents.  Interviews are known to be a nerve-wrecking experience for even the most thick-skinned applicants, but if your latest application ended in disaster, spare a thought for these job-seekers.

Sometimes honesty is not the best policy as – these hapless job-seekers soon found out…

Sometimes diversion is the only way forward.

Expect the unexpected..

Bringing family members to interviews is never a good idea. If you do have to bring your children with you then maybe leave them in the waiting area.

This applicant learned the hard way that lying on your CV is never a good idea.

Keep your shoes firmly on your feet, no-one wants a bare foot on the table.

Do your homework – always research the company you are applying for before the interview.

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