Offering the right employee package is essential for recruitment says TotalJobs Sales Manager, Raj Lal

Innovation will lead the way to 2018 being a productive year for the recruitment industry

Whilst the UK is reeling in uncertainty following Brexit, many recruiters have seen a decline in applications, says Raj Lal, sales manager, Totaljobs. Innovation will be key to getting recruitment strategies right.

Lal explained to The Drum that the introduction of a technologically advanced workforce has meant that employers need to be more aware of the brand and offering the right package is of the highest importance.  Here’s the transcript of the conversation between Raj Lal and The Drum.

What has been the most innovative thing you have seen from the industry this year?

Online advertising techniques are constantly evolving and improving. That’s why we employ 200 tech professionals at Totaljobs to ensure that we’re ahead of the curve.

One success story we’ve been particularly struck by in recent months is programmatic advertising. With huge pools of eligible and committed candidates using websites like ours, the ability to follow their journey online and expand the impact of recruitment advertising on them is hugely beneficial to all. Being able to re-direct potential candidates back to relevant jobs can hugely boost candidate delivery and is a fantastic reward for great innovation.

What are the key recruitment trends right now?

With employment rates in the UK at the highest since the mid-1970s, we are operating within a candidate-led market. This means that advertisers have to prise skilled candidates from their competitors during a period of full employment. The result is that attraction must be smarter, adverts need to be bolder – and benefits need to stand out.

This combined with the introduction of a more tech-savvy workforce has meant that the importance of the employer brand and offering the right package has never been higher. It looks as though, heading into 2018, simply ‘posting a job’ will no longer be sufficient.

What do you think the current mood is in the industry?

With lingering uncertainty surrounding Britain’s departure from the European Union, many recruiters have seen a decline in applications. From our conversations with clients, the search for quality, skilled and relevant candidates is more important than ever. We are, however, seeing the benefits of innovation, alongside an increasing confidence in candidates, suggesting that 2018 will be fruitful for recruiters.

Where do you see the recruitment industry going in the next 12 months?

ONS data shows that while UK unemployment continues to fall, wages have stagnated slightly. Those investing in the packages they can offer candidates will have an opportunity in the next 12 months, as more candidates may look to capitalise on a more secure employment rate.

Full employment also means greater competition for candidates, suggesting that recruiters will further explore alternative recruitment methods such as referral schemes, while adopting innovative interviewing practices such as virtual interviews – all with the aim of streamlining and improving the process.

You are a sponsor for The Drum Recruitment Business Awards, why did you decide to get involved?

With a pedigree of 15 years in the industry, the Recruitment Business Awards carry a clout that attracts TotalJobs year on year. With huge names from across the industry joining the event, it’s a fantastic way to meet, share best practice and celebrate success.

How important do you think these are awards are to recruitment and why?

The employer brand is more important than ever, and that shapes much of what we do at TotalJobs. It allows recruiters to showcase their company culture, individual style, and use the opportunity as a potent recruitment tool.

By supporting and celebrating this ethos, the Recruitment Business Awards are more pertinent than ever for agencies looking to use creative and attractive advertising to secure the best candidates’ applications.

What are Totaljobs’ thoughts on the winners of this year’s awards?

Of course, all of this year’s nominees and winners deserve huge praise, and we’re proud to sponsor the categories recognising some of this year’s biggest winners. From Tonic scooping the award for Police Now’s new website build, to Havas People’s work on the Greater.Jobs illustration.

We would also be remiss to not commend Digital Gurus North who picked up the Team of the Year award and deserve huge praise. As part of an exciting start-up they have grown from a team of one to 16 in just six months, showing the benefit of a strong employer brand and a clear direction mixed with ambition and creativity.

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