How to uncover the best talent for your business

Talent is what makes a business develop, thrive, and ultimately succeed – here’s where to look for them

A big key to hiring great talent, is knowing where to find them. Anita Campbell, CEO, Small Business Trends, shared her top tips with

  1. 1. Social media is where it’s at

Social recruitment is fast-becoming the top way to identify and recruit great employees.  Recruiting managers, agencies, and employers are using sites such as LinkedIn and Facebook to locate talent from anywhere around the world, without leaving their desks. Be sure to post openings on your social pages. That’s the most obvious and important step.

Digital advertising is also key.  Either set up your own or go through a partner: website and other recruiting sites have developed ad products specifically designed to share openings on social media to help employers attract candidates. For example, Monster offers “Twitter cards” for job openings. LinkedIn also offers ad products that may be helpful for finding staff.

  1. Use recruiting applications

Recruiter apps can be mobile apps they download onto their smartphones or simply cloud apps they access through a desktop or laptop.

They help employers conveniently reach out and collect CV’s from multiple job boards or other places online. But don’t worry about being overwhelmed with data. Good apps have intelligence to help you sift through candidates to identify the most suitable ones. The likes of ZipRecruiter, Zoho Recruit, LinkedIn Recruiter, or any mobile app provided by an online job board for employers, can be fantastic for sourcing and hiring staff quickly and conveniently.

  1. Develop relationships with universities

Take the time to build and grow relationships with universities – perfect place for fresh blood and any graduate roles you may be hiring for.

  1. Advertise via professional associations

If you want to recruit talent in a specific sector or niche, take advantage of professional association magazines and websites to advertise for professional staff. This is especially useful if you need talent familiar with your industry or who have specialized industry training or certifications.

  1. Use online job boards

These sites allow employers to conveniently locate the widest range of talent, because they are go-to destinations for job seekers.

Post openings on your own website, Facebook page, LinkedIn page, and wherever else you can reach key audiences where prospective employees may be. But don’t forget to broadcast openings to job boards.

  1. Look close to home

Don’t miss the obvious. When recruiting for a position, first see if there any viable in-house candidates for the role.  Encourage referrals too – let your employees do the staking out for you. Some employers even pay referral cash bonuses if the referral results in a hire who sticks around for at least 90 days.

  1. Let the talent come knocking on your door

The savviest organizations, big and small, make a strong case for being fantastic employers. A great company culture, a commitment to sustainability, advancement opportunities, or flexible and remote work schedules can each “sell” your company without you doing a thing.

Shout about your working conditions and company culture on your social media channels. Write about your company culture on your website. Share photos of fun outings and work get-togethers. Talk about your commitment to employees on your company blog. Instead of having to work hard to find new talent, it might come to you.

  1. Hire the services of a recruitment agency

Recruitment agencies are professionals at matching the right candidates with the right job. Instead of ploughing through job boards and LinkedIn profiles yourself, hand the task over to a professional recruitment agency, which will have the right tools, experience, and knowledge to stake out suitable talent quickly and efficiently. While there is some expense here, compared to the time and effort it takes to recruit the right employee, you may see the value of involving a recruiter.

  1. Video interviewing is the new way to hire

Once you find talent, use video to interview candidates. The right IT development manager for your company might be, at the time you are recruiting, located 100 miles away. Don’t let distance hinder your recruitment success.

Use advances in telecommunications technology such as Skype and other video options to conduct interviews. A video interview lets you connect quickly, and video is better than a phone call. And what better way to show how tuned in to current technology advances your company is.

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