Yates’ pub chain recruitment agency has secret ‘minimum 7/10 sexiness policy for recruiting female bar staff’ and puts size 14 worker out of a job

Elless Promotions has a secret hiring policy where they would employ only 'at least sevens'

Pub chain Yates used a recruitment agency that had a secret ‘good-looking only’ policy when hiring female staff. Jane Garner, 30, said she was let go from her part-time job because she was a size 14 and deemed ‘too fat for our venues’ on an Elless Promotions WhatsApp group.

The recruitment agency had a Whats App Group conversation between its colleagues, slating girls if they were overweight or not pretty enough.

Ms Garner claims her employers uploaded a photo of her and sneered: ‘Are we surprised that has been a complaint?’ Another colleague responded: ‘She’s huge.’

The mother-of-two, from Billericay, Essex, said: ‘Doing the shot job really built up my confidence. And now I just feel humiliated,’ speaking to The Sun.

In one message, Elless Promotions director Lisa Sansom said: ‘I have seen a few ugly girls in your groups. Girls need to be 7s and above only! If you are unsure send me a photo and I will let you know!’

Her business partner and glamour model, Holly Muldoon, responded: ‘Please go through your staff and consider what size they are and what they look like.’

A spokesman for Yates said: ‘We are unable to comment on the recruitment or management policies of Elless promotions but it is our understanding that the Area Manager in question was an employee of theirs and is no longer working for them.

‘We have received no direct complaints in regard to their work for us but as part of our own due diligence have launched our own investigation on their approach.’

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