2018 Recruitment Trends – Improving Candidate Experience via Technology

New recruitment trends are emerging for 2018, with technology improving the candidate experience

Candidates have expressed their dissatisfaction with the recruiting process stating incomplete job descriptions and bad communication between the candidate and recruiter as being some of the most frustrating aspects, leading to an overall bad experience when job-hunting.

Attracting and recruiting top talent, regardless of the size of your company, is dependant on the candidate experience throughout the process – how they are treated and how they perceive the entire hiring cycle.

Business 2 Community shared the following graphic demonstrating the impact of a positive candidate experience vs a negative candidate experience and why getting it right is crucial to the hiring process, as well as some top tips to help improve your online experience.

Accelerate Your Recruitment Process

Recruitment software can improve your candidate experience, allowing you to easily shortlist viable candidates, add them to your database and reduce paper trails.

Use Instant Replies

Candidates have highlighted communication as being key to a great experience.  Using the recruitment software will enable you to automate and personalise emails to candidates, informing them of your hiring process and the next steps that will be taken.

Forgotten Candidates

“We’ll keep your resume on file and if another role comes up that you’re qualified for, we’ll contact you.” is something unsuccessful candidates often hear.  Again, use your recruitment software to create efficient, working talent pools – allowing you to hire a candidate without even having to post up a new job. In the process, this can save your hiring department time and money.

Allow candidates to reach out to you

Make reaching out to you a seamless process, whether this be by email, text or messaging app – a representative of your company should be on hand to answer any questions. Not being accessible to potential hires could mean the loss of a potentially great candidate.

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