Treating job candidates like customers: what should recruiting look like in the digital age?

People are a company’s greatest asset and essential to long term success

Candidate expectation is very different today in the age of modern, digital recruitment. People are accustomed to the personalised, on-demand experiences they have with digital disrupters such as Amazon, Airbnb and Apple. The way they expect to engage with potential employers has also changed.

The recruiting process can be a bit hit and miss and recruitment doesn’t always get a good name – simple things such as keeping communication lines open with job applicants is crucial to forming a good opinion of your business from the start.

With social media being a space to voice airs and opinions it’s ever more important that candidates are happy with the way they are treated.

Companies such as Balfour Betty, Continental and Facebook now use software such as Beamery to take a more proactive approach to recruiting.

This enables the recruiter to take a proactive approach to the recruitment process, – building pipelines of target candidates and marketing their brand and available roles to them over time.

A focus needs to be put on building relationships with the best candidates, not just the ones that are immediately available. With the same insights into pipeline and forecasting that sales leaders rely on, they have an understanding of where they need to invest resources to be successful long-term and to supply a positive experience to all applicants.

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