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We’re off – new recruitment apprenticeships finally go live

Recruitment Agencies queue up to get their recruiters signed up for upskilling on the new Apprenticeship Standards

After months of formal government processes, the new Recruitment Apprenticeship Standards are now officially live and  APPROVED for delivery.

Azmat Mohammed, Director of The British Institute of Recruiters said:

“We are delighted to finally see this in lights. This is a culmination of hard work, consultation and thought leadership from many people in an ever-changing landscape of rules, regulations, and interpretations of skills policy. Anyway, we’re there!

“As the only recruitment professional body set up to deliver these apprenticeships, The British Institute of Recruiters – Business School is ready to deliver the best possible program to recruitment agencies nationally.”

The first Trailblazer Standards for the Recruitment Sector are now completed and ready for delivery – see them here.

Recruitment Consultant Level 3 – Apprenticeship Standard
(Cert PRP and Dip RP BioR)

Recruitment Resourcer Level 2 – Apprenticeship Standard
(Cert RR)

Remember, you can use Apprenticeships as a funding route to up-skill existing staff with qualifications or train new staff.

These Recruitment Apprenticeships have been signed off by the Institute for Apprenticeships and employers can now enrol their workforce on these programs to ensure they are ‘fit for the future’ and access recruitment training that will help make the UK the most skillful workforce in the world.

This is a major announcement in the Recruitment Sector to ensure the right skills are embedded in 2018 and beyond.

For more information on the new Recruitment Apprenticeships contact The British Institute of Recruiters on 0871 288 21080 or email

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