This man submitted a rap video instead of a covering letter and it got him the job!

Grab the recruiters’ attention by standing out from the crowd with your cover letter

The web is filled with tips and tricks on how to land your dream job. Blogs, recruiting sites, YouTube videos – there’s a wealth of information available at our fingertips.  But how do you make yourself stand out from the crowd?

One man has taken his application a step further and decided to do away with the traditional ‘cover letter’ format altogether. Instead, he made a rap video. Yes, a rap video.

A copywriter called Chase Zreet really wanted to work with Sprite at Wieden + Kennedy in New York, so what better way to show his creativity, penchant for wordplay and love for the brand, than to put it in a song?

The video looks like a cross between Macklemore and Dad Rap, complete with a gold chain adorned with lemon and lime, and an alternating green and yellow jacket, to really stick with the brand colour. A little wacky maybe, but pure genius too. Did we mention he did the entire three-minute video on a hover board?

The best thing is… he actually got the job! W+K creative director Jimm Lasser told AdFreak:

“There’s too much emphasis put on portfolios, and not enough on the creative enthusiasm of a candidate.  We like it when candidates want to be at W+K for a variety of reasons, even beyond our work. All the better [sic] when they use their unique talents to demonstrate this. Chase made a great ad about himself. He persuaded us to invest in him. He won us over.”

Zreet said the rap idea came to him and “just wouldn’t shut up” and thought the video “would have a better chance at landing”.  It totally worked and he starts in April.

You can watch the visual ‘letter’ by clicking here.

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