The tattoos most likely to put employers off a potential job candidate

Face tattoos a big no-no, although tattoos on arms make little difference to employers

After some speculation in the media, YouGov has conducted a study into whether employers are put off by tattoos on potential candidates. In their survey of 501 HR decision makers, YouGov found that more than half of employers are “substantially” less likely to hire someone with tattoos on their face, with a further 17 per cent saying it would make them “slightly” less likely to offer the individual concerned a job.

Face tattoos fared worst, followed by jobseekers with tattoos on their neck, then hands.  Both arms covered in tattoos were also somewhat of a deterrent, with employers saying that would make them much less likely hire to the person.

However, 45 per cent of recruiters said they weren’t too fussed on sleeve tattoos, and their presence would make no difference on their decision to employ a candidate.

It was a better outlook for those with tattoos just on their forearms and upper arms, while those with tattoos on their lower back came out on top – presumably because an employer is unlikely to know the tattoo even exists at all.

But, very few employers said they would be more likely to hire someone with tattoos – between just four and six per cent.

HR decision makers for various industries answered the survey including finance and accounting, construction, media, retail and real estate.

The tattoos most likely to affect your job chances are:

  1. Face tattoos
  2. Neck tattoos
  3. Hand tattoos
  4. Sleeve tattoos
  5. Forearm tattoos
  6. Upper arm tattoos
  7. Lower back tattoos

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