Father calls 999 because his son refuses to get off the sofa and get a job

Police slammed the parent for abusing the life-or-death emergency number

A dad called 999 last week after his son refused to get off the sofa and look for work. Police were not happy with the parent, revealing he had made two calls on the life-or-death emergency number because his child whined that he couldn’t find a ‘suitable’ job for his talents.

Sam, a Lincolnshire Police control room staff member, said: ‘This is definitely not appropriate use of an emergency line. Words of advice issued!’

She added: ‘No matter how much you may want your child to get a job, calling the police is not the answer.’

Police stress that 999 is only for genuine emergencies, and while operators are dealing with non-crucial calls, someone in genuine distress may fall critically ill or even die because the lines are being clogged up by timewasters. The story provoked various comments on social media channels.

One person said: ‘From a very young age, I knew that 999 = emergency services. I can remember my dad teaching me how to make an emergency call when I was seven or eight and stressing that 999 was ONLY emergencies.  I am 45 now and I still understand that message. Come on people.’

Another posted: ‘I don’t understand how there’s so many of these types of people. Everyone I know is petrified of accidentally dialing 999 and does a panicked “end call” if they do.’

These types of calls are becoming more and more common and 999 are feeling the pressure and the frustration. Last month a couple called 999 after their young daughter ‘kicked off’ because she couldn’t watch Love Island. Life or death emergency? We think not!

Could more be done to motivate youngsters into looking for work? Are they aware of the options and support available to them? Or is it all to easy to sit on the sofa and complain because the perfect job hasn’t fallen into their laps?

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