Google Jobs Search Feature now launched in the UK

Google for Jobs, launched in the US last year, arrives ahead of an expected record-breaking antitrust fine by the European Commission

Recruitment services participating in the Google for Jobs search service include Reed, Guardian Jobs, Haymarket and Results from sites such as LinkedIn and Glassdoor also appear in the service. One notable exception, however is Indeed, which claims to be the world’s biggest employment-related search engine.

The search giant is not currently charging jobs listings services to participate, and that anyone can use its guidelines on how to mark-up listings so that they appear Google for Jobs.

Google’s dominant presence makes it attractive for jobs listings providers to participate in the new Google for Jobs scheme, even as they may be wary of Google’s next moves ahead of its imminent fine surrounding Google Shopping.

Industry analysts said Google is likely to begin charging for placement on the service and for other premium features, which represents a competitive risk for third-party sites.

Indeed said its move not to participate in the programme was “the best decision for jobseekers”, even though this means Indeed’s listings will appear further down in search results than those of other firms.

The feature is activated when users search for terms such as “jobs” in Google’s main search engine, giving users the option of clicking through to Google for Jobs.

When you search for “jobs near me,” “teaching jobs,” or similar queries in English in the U.K., you’ll then have the option to click through to a feature that allows you to explore jobs from across the web that meet your unique needs. You can access salary information, reviews and ratings of the employer and different options to apply for a job, or use a location filter to see jobs in the areas that are convenient for you. Thanks to Google Maps, if you’re signed in, you’ll even be able to see how long it would take to commute to a job from your home.

Apart from the US, Google has also launched the Jobs feature in Spain and parts of Africa, where it claims to have already helped millions of people find job opportunities.

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