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UK employment is at record high since 1975

The latest employment figures make for positive reading for the UK as a whole

Gloucestershire in particular saw some great employment figures. For example, since 2010 unemployment has dropped by 53% in Cheltenham, 49% in Tewkesbury, 48% in Stroud and 47% in Gloucester.

Wages are also rising faster than prices, so people’s pay packets are going further.

The government’s sensible, balanced approach to the economy in recent years, has proven to have a positive effect, supporting businesses to create jobs and giving more people the security of work.

Deputy Chair of South West Conservatives, Anita Heappey, said: “By reforming welfare and delivering the Industrial Strategy, I’m confident more, better-paid jobs will be created in Gloucestershire and elsewhere, helping more people to get on in life and build a better future for themselves and their families.”

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