Dad writes brutally honest CV for his daughter ahead of GCSE results day

Lauren Moore’s dad took a very different approach when creating a CV for his 16- year old daughter

A teen daughter has been given a brutally honest, and very funny, assessment of her skills and abilities in a CV written by her dad. Most CVs portray the person in their best possible light showing off their strengths, education and achievements – but Lauren Moore’s dad took a different approach.

The 16-year-old from Redcar, Middlesbrough, got her dad to do hers ahead of her GCSE results and he didn’t hold back.  Under her responsibilities and duties section for her work experience he listed skills such as “getting on my father’s t**s,” “browsing Facebook” and “losing all documentation”.

For a similar section for her voluntary work gardening, he wrote: “Digging holes looking for gold,” “f****** everything up” and “couldn’t really give a s**t”.

While listed under skills and personal qualities it describes her as a “typical 16 year old” who “don’t do mornings” as well as being “lazy,” “rude” and “couldn’t give a f***”.

In the section titled interests and personal information it simply reads “f*** all”.

Lauren’s friends also had a laugh after she posted the CV on social media

One wrote of Lauren’s dad: “He’s a boyo” along with a laughing emoji.

Another said: “This is so funny giving out all clients information to fraudsters LMAOOOOOO.”

While a third simply wrote: “I’m screaming.”

Fortunately, Lauren could see the funny side and took to her Twitter page to post the CV along with the comment: “Remind me not to let my dad do my cv for me.”

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