Entrepreneurs launch ‘Rightmove’ of recruitment to simplify temp worker hiring process

Online temporary staff platform, TempRocket, launched last week

TempRocket’s aim is for its users to complete the hiring process in seconds via its online booking dashboard, with a digital-led approach making it accessible round the clock.  The ‘Rightmove of Recruitment’ has been co-founded by entrepreneur Andrew Johnston, the man behind payroll firm ePayMe, and business partner Sarah Johnston. Supporting them is client relations manager Elle-Jo Lane.

Andrew said: “The idea for TempRocket came about two years ago when we started to see a massive disparity between contractors, the agency and the end client working together. There was no seamless activity.

“So we set out to build an online booking system to help bridge that gap, and we’ve continued to add new features and capabilities to develop a product that can tick a box for everyone involved in the temporary recruitment process.”

TempRocket uses a bidding system, with hirers and agencies comparing options and prices before bidding for a contractor, making counter bids, and accepting or declining offers.

Eventually, the platform plans to have an ‘accumulator’ feature showing hirers how much money they have saved over time by using it.

Speaking further, co-founder Andrew said: “TempRocket has been developed purely to fill a gap in the market by providing a simple and more efficient connection between hirers, agencies and contractors.

“We’re not competing with any one of these three entities. If anything, we’re trying to make life easier for the worker, create more business for the agency and make the hiring process simpler for the hirer.”

He continued: “As the world becomes more digital, the recruitment sector has been slow to respond, so we want to lead by example, encompass the whole picture and evolve with it. We like to think of TempRocket as recruitment’s answer to property website Rightmove.”

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